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I’ve been rather busy… wasn’t sure if should leave London and move to Bristol and then doing some freelance work for a pre-press media company in Moorgate so it’s been awhile since I’ve managed to create anything.

Thankfully this weekend I did manage a few ‘bits’…. slow steps and all that!!

Some of these I’ve mentioned before (or the first stages of the design anyway) but I have so many designs that I’m becoming overwhelmed – I want to create a collection of work that I can actually physically create and sell and any other designs I can license (I hope!!).

It’s great fun coming up with new ideas but trying to concentrate and pick out a few to then develop gets me in a pickle.

I will get there even if it takes me a year just to get one or two created in my own shop!! maybe even then offer as wholesale if my research and sale techniques work (I’m rubbish at sales though but I am constantly looking/reading/watching tutorials, books and meet ups to find out more – to basically get through all my mental (ha!) clutter and get the hell on with things. It’s hard when you’ve always been told that everything you do is crap or to be ignored… I do actually think I have created some work that should be developed further which I am pleased that I have got to that stage. 🙂


I made a few variations in repeat from my photograph taken in Kew Gardens a few weeks ago…

Kew Garden Plant Photograph

A Fresh Point
A Fresh Point

I do seem to keep going for light greens and pale blues… my actual favourite colour is red so it’s a surprise in some ways.



I’ve keep meaning to create a scarf design and to research price/material etc to then sell in my future collection of textiles (big plans, small confidence but trying to ignore the latter!!)

I did manage to try a few quick layouts in illustrator (ignore the vertical lines in the bottom left and the horizontal lines in the bottom right as these are just roughs… this is also a screen grab so you can’t see the full length… I will look up various widths for the scarfs as I like skinny and shawl like scarfs so it would be great to be able to offer two variations for each design I decide to finalise.

Once I’ve worked further on what I want the final pieces to be like I will create mockups and post them up.

Possible Scarf layouts
Possible Scarf layouts


I also decided on a whim to enter a cushion competition using an illustration that I created a few months ago.

I’ve shown this on this blog before:

here’s my entry to Barker and Stonehouse
Lenny Carter RunnyCustard create-a-cushion

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