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This blog has gone awry… sorry about that.

I have another blog which is to do with working for myself so I’m suppose to update that website/blog which I find hard enough but I’ve signed up to an online drawing/creative class so I will start to add my progress.


Before my Niece was born I came up with several ideas for things to make for her… many were beyond my skills as my imagination took hold! but I did come up with a little plush toy to make… here’s a sketch of the toy with a friend… who is very jealous of the balloon!

sketch of plush toy
sketch of plush toy

I made the one on the right for Sola. seen below the scary alien (that’s obviously not for Sola!)

'Lamb Carrots' plush toy
‘Lamb Carrots’ plush toy

below is a version re-created in Illustrator, which I’ve not used in years so proved to be a challenge – did help finding out that you can add multiple effects to one shape hoorah!

I couldn’t figure out a good way to create a fluffy coat though… oops.

'Lamb Carrots' illustration
‘Lamb Carrots’ illustration

I made Sola a Birthday Card for her first birthday – should have kept the background less fussy but I don’t think a one year old will mind too much!

'Lamb Carrots' illustration - Birthday Card for Sola
‘Lamb Carrots’ illustration – Birthday Card for Sola

Here’s Sola on her first birthday eating the “Lamb Carrot plush” – if you wonder why the name well my twin brother (Sola’s dad) came up with it and it’s now stuck.

She’s so stylish for a one year old!

'Lamb Carrots' plush toy being eaten by Sola
‘Lamb Carrots’ plush toy being eaten by Sola

I did make a rabbit toy for her too… I forgot to take pictures so here’s a mobile phone pic of the body and the completed version – next time I visit Sola (she lives in Paris and I in London!) I will have to get a picture of her with the rabbit – if it’s still in one piece and not eaten alive!!) lol

Bunny Plush body
Bunny Plush body
Bunny Plush toy for Sola
Bunny Plush toy for Sola – forgot to take a proper photo (iphone)

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