Artist Book Structures, (elective)

For my BA course 2nd year elective I chose Artist Book Structures as I love books in their entirety – binding, covers, images, text.
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Artists Book Structure
(Elective for 2nd Year)

Elements of Architecture

Buildings contain people… these people have thoughts and dreams within them.
Books are also containers of people’s thoughts and dreams.
People’s tongues are devices of communication, they can tell others about their Ideas, dreams and desires,
Other people read these dreams and learn to create things… like buildings!

The Book of Tongues:

The structure I decided to make is sculptural in its form – a modernist design similar to the lines of the Guggenheim Museum in Spain and the post modernist Lloyds Building in London.

The ‘Book of Tongues’ features the elements of what a tongue can do (Obviously more could be added but this particular design limits this to 6).

The protective case is a simplistic shape that protects and closes on the tongues, the viewer will have no clue of what’s in side, when the lid is lifted the viewer is surprised by what they find. On top of the recess in the case a small booklet sits (not pictured) this has the rational written on the same type of paper as the tongues and has a textured cover with holes cut through – will add images of this once I have received back the object from grading).

Which is six tongues connected to arc shaped holders – The Book of Tongues used similar techniques to Pop-up, but they are static rather than open and shut with the closing of the box.

It is possible to make these holders swivel round like a spiral staircase and the Tongues could fan out rather than lift, another version test was created using wire embedded into the tongues so that they could be lifted and twisted… with the hope to enable ‘tongue twisted’ moments!

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