Ms Sabina Cloth Doll

Ms Sabina


Long Eyelashes and red lips!

Ms Sabina Cloth doll with button arms and eyelashes


Her outfit is removable… except her knickers!

Her hair is a needle felted with a soft wool mohair and her eyelashes are especially made for dolls and they are glued (textile glue) with felt eyeliner on to her face.

She’s made with Poly cotton.
Her patterned dress is cotton with an elasticated high waist.
Cotton floral knickers are fixed so can’t be removed.

The Polka Dot shawl is cotton and is backed with a heavy silk navy blue material with a large white button with stud fastening.

Her socks are cream jersey fabric with a large lace cuff that go over her felt shoes that also have a small bobble trim on the front.

You can find her on my Etsy shop


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Mini Cloth Doll

Mini Ms


Mini Cloth Doll

Making Mini versions of the cloth dolls would seem to be easier but it isn’t…Mini Cloth Doll

… especially if you want the dress to be removable…

Mini Cloth Doll

I cut lots of bodies for more mini dolls and a few in other skin tones too… might take me awhile for those to be finished… (years?!) 😉

Dotty Bande Cloth Doll

Ms Dotty Bande


She’s a bit nuts on polka dots and stripes… a bit like me!

Dotty Bande Cloth Doll

Her outfit is removable… much to her dismay…

Dotty Bande Cloth Doll
Dotty Bande Cloth Doll

Cotton Calico body with needle felted hair – felt beret with white swirl on top… blue stripe dress (elasticated top) with polka dot shawl that is backed with a heavy silk navy blue material.

Jersey stripe socks and striped bloomers with elasticated waist and legs.

You can find her on my Etsy shop


Hello Ms Floofe (& Oval Farmers Market)

Ms Floofe – Handmade Cloth Doll who likes fluffy things.

Ms Floofe - Handmade Cloth Doll who likes fluffy things

I seeing a theme in my colour choices… another blue haired doll (ok, I just have a lot of blue mohair roving over other colours) but the lilac dress is similar colour to the doll in the previous post. Maybe my next doll will have a different outfit then 😉

Ms Floofe loves anything with sparkles, fluffyness and occasionally a bit of smooth satin (ie: her knickers… she went a little coy in the last photo… I don’t blame her!)

The little crochet bag was made many years ago when I was teaching myself to crochet but I think it goes with her outfit.

Off to Market

Saturday 24th April


We are off to the Oval Market right next to Oval Underground and Kennington Park – The Farmers Market with the Rock Paper Scissors London Art & Handmade Collective so come say hi!

(I have listed my dolls on Ebay and Etsy so availability will be dependent on any online sales)

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Cloth Doll Commission

A cloth doll for a friend who wanted a lookalike (ish) doll for her adult daughter.

Cloth Doll Commission

A 40’s swing dress was wanted and I found some fringing which looked great but was a total pain to make.

A combination of fabric glue to hold it in place then hand stitched on each line of fringe was in order – there was no way to get it through a sewing machine so it did take a long time.

I would love to make another but I think I need a rest (a few years!) before ever contemplating another 😉

The little bag was silver ribbon layered then using jewellery silver ring ‘clamps’ to hold a silver elastic to create the shoulder strap – I’m rather pleased with it – that wasn’t planned… I just rummaged around my big box of trimmings which is always fun.

The slippers were the same ribbon with felt on the back and they do actually ‘slip’ on and off – the dress is also removable – evey thing is except the knickers.

Why do people always lift up the dress on dolls? I’ve taken to fixing the knickers on each doll in order to save their modesty.

The silver hair band was a trim that I brought many years ago at Ally Pally event. I can’t remember which one as I’ve been to many fabric/yarn type events there (always dangerous to go as I can’t help but buy tons so I have banned myself whilst I’m skint!)


Blue Hair and Polka Dots



Don't tell anyone but she has cool knickers!


Her hair is a needle felted with a soft wool mohair and her eyes are hand drawn with a fabric pen (heat set).

She’s made with linen mix cotton (50% of each), upcycled clothing (that skirt was mine but far too short for me to wear so I decided to use it instead of sitting in storage for years!) the skirt is lined and elasticated waist with stretchy striped sleeveless top (it has sparkles!)

The fluffy pink shawl has light purple polka dot buttons (it’s actually push stud fastener underneath).

The floral knickers are fixed but the other clothes can be removed but be warned – she’s not the ‘running around in public naked’ type of gal!

The armchair was a prop for a stop motion character that I made years ago (link)

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Two Great Events at L’Arche & RPS 12th December

Would you like to give your loved ones something special for Christmas, help your local charity, local makers AND have HUGE FUN?

Come visit L’Arche & RPS on Saturday in West Norwood as we have two events that you will love.

(Kids welcome!)


RPS are local Artists and makers who create one of a kind work which ranges from kids home decor, toys, jewellery, Art, Prints, Ceramics, Cards and don’t forget L’Arche handmade Christmas decoupage decorations, jewellery, wreaths and lots more – come see!


L’Arche Candle Making Workshop – includes Candle, Cake & Greeting Card

L'Arche Candle making Workshop 12th December


L’Arche are holding their 2nd, extremely popular candle making workshop.

It starts at 11 am and finishes at 4 pm – be prompt as the introduction will go through each step.
Candles also need time to cool down before the bottom is flattened.

£15 admission fee for 1 Candle, 1 Christmas Card & Cake.
The admission fee goes to the charity.

Please RSVP:

click the image below to see more photographs of the first Candle Making Workshop at L’Arche.

Candle Wax - looks like sweets!

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