Makerhood Monthly Meet-up June

Market intelligence: the insider’s guide to street trading

A great meet up and we all had a natter afterwards!

Kate Greening of Venn Street Market in Clapam, who talked about selecting traders and the market’s ethos of ensuring high quality and fair prices while encouraging locally sourced and seasonal goods as well as, the history of the market and how it started.

Beth Mander, a Makerhoodie and ceramacist who runs Handmade Palace at Crystal Palace every week, talked about her experiences and giving her top tips for making the most of a market stall as well as how she started and created such a popular market place!

Giles from Herne Hill Market and Forum also popped in to talk about the Herne Hill Market and all about the community projects in the area – I really need to visit again – they run workshops on market days as well!

I took a couple of photos of the meetup which was at L’Arche (I think I spend most of my time in and around L’Arche nowadays) …

RunnyCustard: Makerhood: Market Intelligence June 2015 &emdash; Makerhood: Market Intelligence June 2015

…not many as I hate to interrupt plus it means I miss out on making notes 🙂

RunnyCustard: Makerhood: Market Intelligence June 2015 &emdash; Makerhood: Market Intelligence June 2015

I took many notes and I do hope to be able to consider doing some markets – they can be daunting but when you are with a group like Makerhood Lambeth and Rock Paper Scissors London you get a lot of encouragement and support which is fab for chickens like me 🙂


Upcoming Makerhood Members meet-up

Non-members are welcome and if you do decide to join during the meet-up you will get the meet-up fee back.

The speakers will be:

  • Grace Ayanfalu, founder and director of Prim and Proper, a bookkeeping social enterprise and advisory service based in Lambeth 
  • Mark Johnson, who has over 20 years of experience in financial, legal and commercial management for corporates and small businesses in the creative and cultural sectors

When: Monday 6 July, 7.30-9.30pm

Where: Morley College, 61 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7HT

Tickets are free to Makers’ Club members, £5 for non-members (£2.50 for Morley students). Please book through Eventbrite.

Caroline Hands – Mixed Media Artist

Caroline Hands – Mixed Media Artist

I’ve been helping the lifelong mixed media artist Caroline Hands with her digital photographs and archiving her work so I went to the  open studio event at Second Floor Studios near Greenwich to see her work in the flesh – paintings and textiles look a lot different than a digital copy so it was fantastic to see her work on walls!

RunnyCustard: Caroline Hands Mixed Media Painter &emdash; Caroline Hands Mixed Media Artist 2ndFloorStudios

This is Caroline Hands in her studio wishing that I wasn’t taking her photo, in this room she paints and has her textiles, sketches, hand cut copper hats! Most of her canvases however were in a second studio along the corridor. Caroline will be moving both room contents into a larger studio in June.

Her work space doesn’t usually have wine and snacks, this was just for the open studio weekend. I’m assuming this to be the case!

RunnyCustard: Caroline Hands Mixed Media Painter &emdash; Caroline Hands Mixed Media Artist 2ndFloorStudios

Caroline talking to a gallery owner about her work featured in many publications.

RunnyCustard: Caroline Hands Mixed Media Painter &emdash; Caroline Hands Mixed Media Artist 2ndFloorStudios

she has also had her work featured on a book cover:



Lost in Wonder: Rediscovering the Spiritual Art of Attentiveness Paperback – 26 Oct 2012 – Esther De Waal

She has lived and exhibited in many places around the world, ran many workshops and events – her work spans textiles (she sold painted scarfs to Liberties!) Batiks, metal work, lino cutting/printing including this book:

 The Kilpeck Anthology Book

 RunnyCustard: Caroline Hands Mixed Media Painter &emdash; The Kilpeck Anthology Book

and these large cropper plates which she cut and shaped herself … this is my particular favourite:

RunnyCustard: Caroline Hands Mixed Media Painter &emdash; Caroline Hands Large Copper & Enamel Plates

 Where to find Caroline Hands Work

Caroline is based at Studio 7DE101 Second Floor Studios & Arts Main Office TW-27 Harrington Way London SE18 5NR Tel:

You can see more of her work on her website

And her Makerhood Caroline Hands profile page

Twitter: birdshands

you can see Caroline’s Film on her website as well: created by R&A Collaborations ‘Making a Mark’:

Whilst working with her I find out such titbits that aren’t featured on her website, (most of the following is in her own words), such as

when she was 11 she was judged 5  out of thousands at Harrods by Augustus John with her picture of Noah’s Ark

Ran an enormous Fringe Festival of the world with the well known Three Choirs Choral  Festival, 4 times!

Has had many artist in residence positions including residencies through the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham and helped with schools projects

 Worked with a great deal of dancers across the world such as Chitraleka Bolar in Birmingham.

Has braved many travels with local buses and on foot on her own in many varied parts of the world – she has many photographs of her trips which we hope to put into a book!

 Rages about injustice and celebrates the glorious mix of cultures around the world and in London

Stays humble in the face of nature and treasures our planet

Loves and craves for more time in Asia

Would probably lose herself in a love for Africa if she went !

 Has not sold out true to her vision and love

 Too crazily idealistic for her own good !

Is growing older but finds it impossible to contain her need to dance as soon as the rhythm celebrates inside of her

Working in the Arts takes dedication and hard work as well as a lot of energy which Caroline certainly has – I wish and hope I’ll become like that too!

Upcoming Exhibition Featuring Caroline Hands

AUTOCATALYTIC FUTURE GAMESOn a trajectory from Lascaux via aerosols, our bioaesthetic inheritance is cultivated beneath the inflated sun.  An accretion of stenciled hands in the darkness, then a trillion painted surfaces.

A group exhibition.   A variation of structured gestures and analogue procedures.
A compilation of paintings in 2015.

Paintings selected by each artist.  Exhibition created and organised by playpaint

Robert Dowling / Ben Cove / Gordon Dalton / EC / Michael Stubbs / Chris Godber / Sharon Hall / Tom Banks / Graham Carrick / Kiera Bennett / Alaena Turner / Louisa Chambers / Mari Reijnders / Phil Illingworth / Selma Parlour / Mimei Thompson / Alison Pilkington / Charley Peters / Andrew Seto / Mel Carvalho / Alex Ball / Clare Price / Howard Dyke / Jessica Slater / Ross Walker / Rae Hicks / Gemma Cossey / Mandy Payne / Tamara Dubnyckyj / Tim Ellis / Maggie Hills / Greg Rook / Jonathan Parsons / Lucy Boyle / Simon Burton / Sarah Poots / Lisa Penny / Le Guo / Phillip Jones / David Ryan / Andy Harper / Sophia Starling / Marielle Hehir / Simon Bill / Hogan Brown / Andrea Medjesi-Jones / Clare Chapman / Dan Coombs / Tom Ellis / Marcus Cope / Andris Walds / Virginia Verran / Cathy Lomax / Ian Baker / Lothar Goetz / Shaan Syed / Peter Lamb / Caterina Lewis / Paul Manners / Stephanie Moran / James Connelly / Oliver Bancroft / Lee Marshall / Kate Warner / Katie Pratt / Jason Hawkridge / playpaint / Kirsten Reynolds / Marta Bakst / Alexis Harding / Ben Cottrell / Caroline Hands / Gary Andrew Clarke / Jules Clarke / Katrina Blannin / Matthew Hunt / Rachel Levitas / Rob Leech / Andrew Graves / Charles Williams / Hannah Knox / John Tiney / Philip Allen / Simon Haddock / David Oates / Tim Allen / Lizzie Lloyd / Alli Sharma / Alex Dipple


Preview:  Wednesday 10th  June   6.00 – 9.00 pm
Exhibition Open:  11th – 14th and 17th – 21st  June   1.00 – 6.00 pm

no format
Second Floor Studios & Arts
Harrington Way
SE18 5NR

Contact /




Easy Ways to Grow Your Online Presence…

Trade School in West Norwood, London

I plan to attend this next week and whilst, I know a fair bit in theory, I think having someone else’s point of view will be extremely useful. (no spaces left as now full).
I think it’s possible to get lost in all the information that is available and I’ve been reading and watching a lot of information on the subject – online courses, books, RSS feeds to many blogs/websites and organisations that I’ve signed up to and I do  feel somewhat fatigued – sometimes it’s useful to hear from a human being  that is stood in front of you which helps to clarify and shift through any jumbled thoughts you have on the subject.
Plus, going over the basics again can be brilliant at reminding yourself of things that may have been forgotten or dismissed previously because it just didn’t ‘click’ at the time.

Easy Ways to Grow Your Online Presence…   

Do you want to make sure that people can find you when searching for the type of product or service you sell? Are you already doing social media? There are lots of other techniques small businesses should consider to attract more customers, even on a budget. This class will help you understand the basics of two major digital marketing channels and how it can benefit your business. The class will be interactive so you can easily apply what you have learnt.

Bring one of the following:

Blog (or any other online post) about the class – you are looking at mine!
Design help – of what I ‘m not sure yet – will update afterwards.
Enthusiasm! I’m quietly enthusiastic 🙂
Nibbles or drinks for the class – yay, biscuits!
Your business card – always have those but tend to forget to give them out.

About the teacher, Vanessa Fullerton-Batten 

Marketer with a digital focus, having worked for 15+ years in sales and marketing for different sized organisations from start-ups through to large corporations. Now run my own digital marketing company for small businesses, I’ve lived in West Norwood for the last 7 years.

   6:30p.m. to 7:30p.m.
James Wilson Coffee Shop
357 Norwood Road
London SE27 9BQ GB

The Open Works Trade School project

This is through The Open Works Trade School project – you can see a selection of their other projects here – click to visit and have a look yourself – they are generally free and some have a simple barter element but all in fun!

I’m part of The Stitch and several members are setting up a website which we hope to launch soon.

I’m also part of the Rock Paper Scissors collective and we have 2 venues L’Arche next to St Luke’s Church (where they hold the Feast Sunday) in West Norwood and the James Wilson Cafe in Tulse Hill (next to the train station – turn right!) and apparently there could be a 3rd option in Streatham 🙂

I fancy doing the clay version but I need to use some time in trying to find a job… work wanted 😀

The Open Works Trade School Projects Selection
The Open Works Trade School Projects Selection – click to visit page

They are ending this year long project soon but the individual projects will continue – there tends to be a crossover of people in them so there is still a link between them all which is great.

This was a project with Lambeth Council and they didn’t know if it would be successful and they plan to review/research the outcome over the next few months.

Personally I think it’s a great idea and it’s a shame I didn’t know about sooner – I found them through the Makerhood group – it’s so useful to have these links, I really wasn’t bought up with any type of community so I’m finding it interesting and hope it all continues!

Get feedback at our product surgery – Makerhood

The following evening I have a Makerhood meet up – ‘Get feedback at our Product Surgery’ Westow Hill near Crystal Palace park – which has also sold out of tickets (free to Makerhood Members & £4 to non-members).

Jane Doxey is a product design development and retail expert with years of experience as a buyer for companies including Liberty’s and Marks and Spencer’s. Jane also runs her own consultancy, Creative and Retail, which specialises in offering help to individuals and start ups who are just getting started.

Liz Clamp is the owner of Smash Bang Wallop, a shop in Crystal Palace that sells beautiful goods – from jewellery to accessories, cosmetics to candles, toys to homewares including products by local makers. Liz’s background is in fashion design, and she previously worked for Joseph and was a lecturer at London College of Fashion where she wrote a book on fashion marketing.

Think my brain will be overloaded again… oh well… 😉

Related Images:

Rock Paper Scissors Artist Makers Collective at L’Arche West Norwood

In collaboration with The Open Works and Makerhood 26 Artist/Makers are selling their work at L’Arche in West Norwood.

Rock paper Scissors - a maker collective.


L'Arche Handmade Gift Shop & Workshop for Locals in West London

L’ Arche own members create these fab candles which are for sale all year long – great for gifts and come in a range of sizes and colours.
Rock Paper Scissors at L'Arche in West Norwood

They also sell cards, ornaments and other handmade items in workshops for local people with or without learning disabilities.

The Open Works

It’s free to join which I did just the other week 🙂

THE OPEN WORKS IS A LAMBETH COUNCIL PROJECT – they work with locals on ideas, projects, workshops (check out their tradeschool which is free to attend!)

The Open Works icon
Local Residents collaborating to build a sustainable future. (click image to visit their page)

click the image above to visit their website which will tell you all about their projects (Update 2015 – a report of the project is now available)


I’ve mentioned Makerhood several times before – I’ve just noticed that their website has been updated so please go check it out – only £25 for a years membership where you get the chance to attend lots of workshops, meet ups and support for your creative ideas. You don’t have to actually sell anything but maybe interested in turning your hobby or skills into a small side business or even go full time.

It does help to have others to talk to and just help you feel it’s a possibility rather than just a pipe dream!

Makerhood Lambeth - Artist, Makers Collective

Lots of Artwork, prints, illustration and stamps, wine cosies, b

The Shop

It’s a small shop that has a workshop attached and they sell prints, cards, candles, wine glass cosies, stamps, toys, cushions, jewellery, clothing, stationary, bags, and more so great for the up coming Christmas season – they will be featuring the work up to Christmas but may also go on to January 2015.


My work on the top shelf and a few on the others… prints, cards, mini framed prints, and cushion covers (linen mix & cotton versions)
My work on the top shelf (prints, cushion covers with other make

My jewellery & cushion (with pad) all hanging around on an antler!Some more of my work hanging around on some antlers!

Everyone loves the frog but it’s not for sale – it was hand dry needle felted with home spun fleece directly off a sheep… hand dyed too! The sale price would be huge for the amount of work involved.

People loved the frog but it's not for sale :-(

how cute is this little guy! (made by the same person who created the frog above)
Another little cute character is looking for a new home.

Making a Sale!!!

Making a sale! Most of the Artist/Makers will be behind the desk
The shop is open on different days until different times – I will post that info up when I get told the exact opening times – the Artist / Makers will be selling the work on different days as well.



I will also blog about Makerhoodies who are featuring at the lovely Diverse Gifts (including me!) on Coldhabour Lane again this Christmas – the launch in this Thursday 6th November and there is a 10% discount on Makerhoodies work that day.

Related Images:

The Open Works “The Stitch” Launch

The Open Works

The Open Works kicked off their festival this weekend and I visited the launch of “The Stitch’ which was held at the L’ Arche Workshop (and shop) in which is on the Norwood High Street.
The Open Works believe that citizen’s imaginative ideas are the starting point.

The Open Works Festival - The Stitch Launch at L'Arche Norwood

I’ve got to hear about The Open Works from the Makerhood Organisation as they are joining forces for local people to sell their work through a pop up shop in time for Christmas and makers from both groups will feature – including me I hope 🙂
They have lots of projects… visit their project page here
I would love to sew more and be able to learn tips from others and also share what I know too so to have something like this to go to seems fantastic – either courses are either too expensive or they are months away or I’ve just managed to miss signing up.

The Open Works Festival - The Stitch Launch at L'Arche Norwood

They also do a trade school where you can pop in and learn simple french, knitting, how to make a killer cappuccino and lots more… visit
(it gets refreshed so sometimes lots of classes and other times they have yet to add new ones so sign up to their newsletter to keep in touch.
Sign up for more information or view their other workshops & meetups via their website:

The Stitch

Saturday 25th Oct 2014 was the start of their open day and these images are from ‘The Stitch’ launch day at L’ Arche in Norwood.
“The Stitch is a regular meet up of people who want to knit, sew, tailor, upholster and craft together. A chance to share and learn skills, swap tips and get inspiration for your next creation. Bring your projects, learn the basics, improve your techniques and enjoy stitching in the company of others.


Hosted by L’Arche Craft Workshop: 11-13 Norwood High Street

They will start with two dates and they will be trying to gauge the interest and best times/days to host it on – drop in between 5.30 – 8.30 on the 5th November & 25th November as it will be every two weeks at first.
I’m sure if many people turn up then more dates will be added and maybe every week too 🙂
I took some photos from the launch day and you can visit the album here – you can also see the ‘share’ button to link them onto your blog/social media websites.

Related Images:

More Creative Business Links – Makerhood



Makerhood Twitter on Tuesday Nights at 8.30-9.30pm

NOTE: #handmadelambeth will soon be changed to #lambethmakers

Robyn from Archie Mac who is a member of Makerhood (creative small makers from Lambeth, London) came up with an idea to do a #handmadelambeth hour with us all giving tips, info on our crafts and small business.

Archie Mac London

Robyn Parker of Archie Mac London interview with Makerhood
click this to read Robyn Parker of Archie Mac London, interview with Makerhood



It’s early days and we are hoping more people will join and Makerhood are great at getting a few other organisations to join in on the Tuesday night #handmadelambeth hour – tonight was about #business #training #handmade and there’s a lot of good links – some I’ve heard of and some I needed reminding of and some are new.

If you read my previous post you’ll see that I love links, information and ebooks etc… I’m getting slightly fatigued but I have got more aware of my procrastination habits… it’s funny how trying to be productive and informative is a procrastination/avoidance tactic to facing personal fears lol.

The reason I started doing this sort of posts was to share the information I find… I’ve tried it with friends who say they want to do similar but I  realised that they don’t really… it’s a nice idea and they think that if you do work for yourself is is ‘luck’ based… which is rather insulting really as people don’t learn, build a business (not necessarily talking about myself as mostly just freelancing for one company at the moment with a little side line) all based on luck… nor do people create wonderful items like Archie Mac from luck… I’m sure it took a lot of work in so many areas and not just the initial design, research, testing, failing, retesting (I’m assuming ;-)) and long long hours… so don’t tell someone is lucky … tell them well done on all your hard work through doubt, fear, loneliness on top of all the other life things that have to be dealt with… I hope to get that strength and courage to start taking control and stop flippin procrastinating. HA!

anyway, enough of my ramblings… here’s the links that got discussed during our twitter #handmadelambeth hour (soon to be  #lambethmakers)

 Brand Amplifier

Makerhood have had several of their members apply for the @brandamplifier for women in business

Brand Amplifier

The four-weekly program offers workshops and seminars on brand strategy, business planning and digital marketing in a nurturing, supportive environment.

Morley College & Makerhood

Makerhood members also get discounts on a range of courses at Morley College (save 10%) on business start up etc.

Makerhood and Morley College
Makerhood and Morley College

Morley College provides a wide range of learning opportunities that promote community inclusion and sustainable development. The work it does fosters the development of both social and human capital.

In the Ofsted inspection in January 2011 Morley College received an outstanding grade for effective partnership work because of a rich variety of learning opportunities that significantly contribute to local economic and social regeneration.

Makers’ Club members are entitled to a 10% discount on all Morley College courses, except for accredited provision. Please quote the discount code MAKER04 when you book.

You can see more Makerhood partner discounts by clicking on this sentence!


The British Library – St Pancras

The British Library Business Centre
The British Library Business Centre


The British Library Business & IP Centre at St Pancras, London can help you start, run and grow your business. 

Our experts have handpicked the best information for researching key industries. These guides highlight useful databases, publications and websites. You’ll be able to find all this information for free in the Business & IP Centre. To use it, you just need to get a Reader Pass.”

I do tend to forget about this rather fantastic resource – they have business networking information and links – a startup saturday workshop, business planning, protecting ideas and researching markets. and free industry guides. (ooh… !)

The Design Trust 

(mentioned these guys before!)

(Twitter @TheDesignTrust)
The Design Trust joined in with Makerhood’s twitter #handmadelambeth hour giving us this recommendation: “Another great book is @DougRichard @CreativeS4S How to start a creative business.

We don’t just promote ourselves! Check out our free resources for our selected opportunities & business training across UK”.

“Our new SHARE membership get that plus online community include 30 Day Challenges, forums & monthly Q&A with The Design Doctor”.

The previous book they recommended was “Get Clients Now” (yup… just bought it myself – click pic for Amazon UK link or the link in this sentence to visit C. J. Hayden’s website).

…new Get Clients Now!: A 28-Day Marketing Program for Professionals, Consultants, and Coaches



 Tree Shepherd

These guys do talks, business surgery and startup meetings – sounds good… Robyn at Archie Mac Designs says it works great for her!

Tree Shepherd  talks, business surgery and startup meetings
Tree Shepherd talks, business surgery and startup meetings



 Space Studios

SPACE is a leading visual arts organization providing creative workspace, advocacy, support and promoting innovation.

has workshops and learning spaces for Artists… founded by artists Bridget Riley and Peter Sedgley, and Peter Townsend in 1968. lots of info. link

Stimulating and supporting contemporary visual arts practice

I joined when they had a special deal on and really need to re-familiarise myself with them!

Good for jobs, opportunities, interviews, news and knowledge bank.



Creative Bug Creative Branding course

I recommend the Creativebug Creative Branding course which is online and interviews several maker/artist types and downloadable PDF – the first two parts were really good. I paid an early bird price as I did the subscription for monthly unlimited viewing of their classes

I tend to do a few months on different sites as I spend a lot of time on my computer and like to have tutorials/info video’s in the background whilst working on the more ‘auto’ pilot type work.

Also do so many different videos, marketing, business, software etc.





Skillshare has got bigger and bigger… currently watching the 3D printing classes… they cover so many different skills and also have several business/startup modules by big names so worth having a look – free month when you sign up… if you click my link we both get a free month (hint hint!)