Making Patterns… and a Photo Print sale

The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design – Module 2

I signed up to the second module of the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design online course but I’ve hardly done any actual work – gargh… (well, module 2 is more about reading about trends etc but the point is I really can’t afford the course but on a whim decided to click ok and it was too late to cancel (when I came to my senses lol)).

I’ve downloaded all the course materials so it’s not a total waste but I’m too stressed as no proper work but I don’t want to give up and stop studying and trying things out.

Here’s some quick mockups… for the first weeks homework – not that happy with them – I do rather like the 2nd plate set especially the mug and small plate so might have a further play with that one.

ABSPD M2 homework ABSPD M2 homework

A motif made from my Illustration.

Geometric Pattern from an Illustration

A repeat pattern made from my photograph of a building in London

Geometric Photo Pattern


ps: I sold a Photographic Print via Fine Art America

I did sell a print this morning which is always nice to hear!

Art Prints

Making Posters and Websites for Local Communities

I’ve not blogged for awhile yet I feel that I have because I’ve been doing it elsewhere!

I’ve started a private forum for Rock Paper Scissors – London Members and a website – very early days on the website so only 4 members so far – more to be added soon.

I made a simple website for The Stitch in West Norwood (hosted at L’Arche and these are all through the Lambeth Council ‘The Open Works‘).

We made a banner for the Bzz Garage featuring little dry needle felted Bees and lots of crafty floral items – I made the central Bee which I’m rather pleased with (not the text part) – the first version went horribly wrong though.

Some of the 'Stitchees' putting the banner together
Some of the ‘Stitchees’ putting the banner together

I have also been taking photographs for them as helping out so for someone who is unemployed I’ve been busy!!

I’ve spent today (besides applying to jobs) have been making up some posters that could be used as a fundraiser for The Stitch who will be selling items made by the ‘stitchees’ at The Feast at St Luke’s Church – West Norwood on the 7th June 2015.

The Feast - first Sunday of each month (April to December)
The Feast – first Sunday of each month (April to December)
The Stitch Bzz Garage Banner
The Stitch Bzz Garage Banner (it’s huge & I need to take a better photo!)

Fundraiser Poster Ideas…

Using the Stitch logo I’ve made a poster – vector with textures added and a little ‘light painting’ to give the sewing machine some depth.

The Stitch poster design four colour versions


These are some other versions of possible poster designs… think I like the yellowish background on the above to feature on the ones below… !?The Stitch Poster Design

I had a go at using the above image to make some repeat patterns…

The Stitch - repeat pattern making...

Caroline Hands – Painter & Mixed Media Artist

I’m also helping a lifelong traditional painter with all her work and photography – helping her learn Lightroom and to create her own greeting cards and to aid her creation of a book that shows her travels and the artwork she has produced throughout her long international career – you can view her work, and video created by the R&A collaborations at Caroline Hands 

She also creates Batiks and large Copper artworks such as these – love them!

Caroline Hands Copper Plates
Caroline Hands Copper Plates


Related Images:

Pattern Design on Catwalk!

‘Print All Over Me’ Catwalk

This POD site (print on demand) that allows people to upload their own designs to sell (and see) their work on actual clothing, cushions etc.

PAOM have started a 3D catwalk which shows figures walking up and down…

here’s one with my designs on their catwalk model… bit small to see…



‘Make It In Design’ Summer Camp – ONE

The Gallery for the first assignment for the ‘Make it in Design’ Summer Camp is on their blog showcasing everyone’s submission for each level.

I signed up to the Intermediate and Advance but only submitted for the Intermediate due to other work commitments…

click on the screengrabs below to visit the main gallery (I’ve posted the page with my work showing ;-P)

Make it in Design Summer Camp Intermediate 1

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 15.47.04


There are loads so have a click through to see everyone’s work – if you click on an image you can go to their website/blog etc if they have provided a link.

There’s a huge mix of styles, levels and experience!

I love the Facebook group as people are so helpful and you can ask questions if stumped on something especially good for those who work traditionally and are new to the technology side (let’s face it, photoshop/illustrator can be a pain for people who have used it for years!!)

I generally use Facebook for different interest groups that I’ve signed up to – POD, licensing, design and business groups so I can keep learning and picking up tips that I would otherwise miss!


Uploaded some of the work I did last week to Society6 as I like the instant mock up ;-P

really do need to do my own mock-ups and start thinking of a range… no time next week though and not sure when I can work on the GTS 2014 either … gargh!

Society6 do Duvet covers now as well as shower curtains… I’m tempted.

My Society6 profile and products are here… LINK

Tribal Leaf Graphic Motif…

I signed up to “The Making it in Design School” Summer Camp which started a few days ago – I signed up to two of the levels but picked just one to work on as I have also signed up to the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2014 which starts on Tuesday so that should keep me busy for a bit!

Make It In Design Summer School
Make It In Design Summer School
Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2014
Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2014


I scanned a doodle and tidied it up and had a play… I do love pulling shapes out of other shapes and I can get carried away so I have to stop!! I seem to end up with a leaf shape all the time!!?!?

surface pattern design motif
playing around with a motif that has been scanned and tidied in illustrator.


Here’s some swim suit mock ups – the brief is for Retro Geometrics on Swim Wear (there are shorts too) and the colour palette was also chosen for inspiration.

I do like the bottom two … the bottom left needs changes to make it work… hmmm…

mockups on swimsuit - selection.
mockups on swimsuit – selection.


I decided to add some of the patterns to the Print All Over Me website to see how they look on different products – these are for sale so go check it out!


I will update with the final submission and link to the gallery which goes live later this week once it’s finally completed – I hope to submit today or tomorrow.


Procrastinating on the final piece for the summer school I went off on a slight different angle and got these…

layered leaf graphic motif
layered leaf graphic motif

I’ve decided to submit this one as I have other work to do and really needed to submit something by tonight.

pattern design on swim suit mockups
pattern design on swim suit mockups




A few more designs…


I’ve been rather busy… wasn’t sure if should leave London and move to Bristol and then doing some freelance work for a pre-press media company in Moorgate so it’s been awhile since I’ve managed to create anything.

Thankfully this weekend I did manage a few ‘bits’…. slow steps and all that!!

Some of these I’ve mentioned before (or the first stages of the design anyway) but I have so many designs that I’m becoming overwhelmed – I want to create a collection of work that I can actually physically create and sell and any other designs I can license (I hope!!).

It’s great fun coming up with new ideas but trying to concentrate and pick out a few to then develop gets me in a pickle.

I will get there even if it takes me a year just to get one or two created in my own shop!! maybe even then offer as wholesale if my research and sale techniques work (I’m rubbish at sales though but I am constantly looking/reading/watching tutorials, books and meet ups to find out more – to basically get through all my mental (ha!) clutter and get the hell on with things. It’s hard when you’ve always been told that everything you do is crap or to be ignored… I do actually think I have created some work that should be developed further which I am pleased that I have got to that stage. 🙂


I made a few variations in repeat from my photograph taken in Kew Gardens a few weeks ago…

Kew Garden Plant Photograph

A Fresh Point
A Fresh Point

I do seem to keep going for light greens and pale blues… my actual favourite colour is red so it’s a surprise in some ways.



I’ve keep meaning to create a scarf design and to research price/material etc to then sell in my future collection of textiles (big plans, small confidence but trying to ignore the latter!!)

I did manage to try a few quick layouts in illustrator (ignore the vertical lines in the bottom left and the horizontal lines in the bottom right as these are just roughs… this is also a screen grab so you can’t see the full length… I will look up various widths for the scarfs as I like skinny and shawl like scarfs so it would be great to be able to offer two variations for each design I decide to finalise.

Once I’ve worked further on what I want the final pieces to be like I will create mockups and post them up.

Possible Scarf layouts
Possible Scarf layouts


I also decided on a whim to enter a cushion competition using an illustration that I created a few months ago.

I’ve shown this on this blog before:

here’s my entry to Barker and Stonehouse
Lenny Carter RunnyCustard create-a-cushion

Back to MATS Bootcamp…

sorry for not posting for awhile but I was trying to set up a self hosted blog and got lost in all the details of woo commerce and design elements… I’m now thinking I was wasting my time and just stick to this version instead. sigh (just remembered that visitors get random adverts… )

The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design (ABSPD) course has ended – a group of the students met up and we went to the Textile Museum in Bermondsey which I have walked past but never actually went in.

Fashion & Textile Museum logo
Fashion & Textile Museum logo

Tiny but such a cool collection. – ends tomorrow! The book looks cool and I hope to buy it soon… keep buying books so I’m trying to wait for a bit as feeling rather skint 🙁

ARTIST TEXTILES Picasso to Warhol
ARTIST TEXTILES Picasso to Warhol

I ate some Melon… forgot about it and then saw this… the middle bit is all rubbery which grossed me out.. yet intrigued so I took a photo… then couldn’t help myself and made a repeat pattern out of it!

Melon star Repeat Pattern
Melon star Repeat Pattern


Ok… back to the Make Art That Sells Bootcamp course.

we had to draw some dolls/faces… I wont show you mine as they are not very good.

the next part of the project… someone trying to meditate…


pencil sketch
pencil sketch
wild background... more druggy than meditative!
Vector girl with textures via photoshop – wild background… more druggy than meditative!
why I've done such tiny details is beyond me... perhaps my type of procrastination??
why I’ve done such tiny details is beyond me… perhaps my type of procrastination??

not even close to finishing… I also want to try a watercolour version too… I plan to create lots of ‘stuff’ that she’s trying to keep at bay.. meditation is hard and I know that myself as I’ve been doing it for the last month. I use guided meditation though… I could do with some positive brainwashing right now 😉

Vector version with textures added.
Vector version with textures added via illustrator.

I’m thinking she might need eyelashes after all… was hoping the line texture I’ve used would do as not everyone uses makeup in meditation classes or day to day (holds hand up!)

update… I tried re-sketching her but decided I didn’t like it so continued with the vector version… MATS Bootcamp gave a colour palette of blue so I changed her outfit and cushion to fit with this… I really like the red cushion above though!

I also tried a blonde version but really need to look up a blonde palette as I just tweaked it manually and I still prefer her red hair – which was an accident as I initially outlined the sketch in Illustrator with red just to see what I was doing. I do like red hair and died my hair various shades of red for most of my adult life. (it’s now has a reddish tinge mixed with a lot of grey and white!!)

blue& blonde  version of meditating girl illustration
blue& blonde version of meditating girl illustration

redid the textures for tunic/leggings and hair – added a few effects via my photography related plugins … all hazy and druggie lol… not quite what meditation is about… oh well… all in the name of trying stuff out 🙂

meditating girl illustration
meditating girl illustration

oh and I gave her another foot… looked a little uncomfortable before.

Final submission for MATS Bootcamp May 2014

gargh… don’t you just hate it when you forget to copy the text just incase wordpress decides to throw a wobbly!
anyway… didn’t have time to change her hair (right side) and should have put in a notebook/distractions around her but this is what I finally submitted (deadline today)

urgh… I can spot a million things to change… I was suppose to soften the background grittiness as it’s too dirty looking… weird shadow edge needed softening too… sigh oh, all practice and learning.

Mats Bootcamp May Assignment 2014
Mats Bootcamp May Assignment 2014