I decided to try out student hood before I got too old!

I tried a 2nd year of a HND a few years back but no students or tutors turned up (plus after a years tution the other students didn’t know how to open Quark which I thought was pretty bad… opening a piece of software is the same no matter the type!! so I left as I was only working part time and couldn’t really afford to do something that wasn’t going to teach me anything).

I probably should have done a different course but a BA in Digital Media Design was linked to the work that I’d already done so it was a practical choice – I could have gone into the 2nd year but decided that I needed a break from working full time (been 25+ years!)… well the course was a mix of video/audio/web design/design and it seems to be an intro to each subject.

I didn’t really take to the video/audio as I’ve only dealt with still images (photo/drawn/illustrated/DTP etc) so I’m slightly surprised that I ended up doing stop motion… wish I’d paid more attention to it all now ;-P

I’ve mentioned the Clara project before…

here: linky

and here: linky

both of those show Clara’s previous head… I burnt the super sculpey clay head when fixing a broken eye! took four tries before I got one that worked… is slightly better – I do want to try and re-make her head with actual rotating eye balls… which I hope to work into the storyline.

Clara's ruined head next to a fresh formed attempt - which developed cracks 24 hours later!

oh and one more thing… I got a First 😀


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