Hello Ms Floofe (& Oval Farmers Market)

Ms Floofe – Handmade Cloth Doll who likes fluffy things.

Ms Floofe - Handmade Cloth Doll who likes fluffy things

I seeing a theme in my colour choices… another blue haired doll (ok, I just have a lot of blue mohair roving over other colours) but the lilac dress is similar colour to the doll in the previous post. Maybe my next doll will have a different outfit then 😉

Ms Floofe loves anything with sparkles, fluffyness and occasionally a bit of smooth satin (ie: her knickers… she went a little coy in the last photo… I don’t blame her!)

The little crochet bag was made many years ago when I was teaching myself to crochet but I think it goes with her outfit.

Off to Market

Saturday 24th April


We are off to the Oval Market right next to Oval Underground and Kennington Park – The Farmers Market with the Rock Paper Scissors London Art & Handmade Collective so come say hi!

(I have listed my dolls on Ebay and Etsy so availability will be dependent on any online sales)

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