Homework – Colour

Todays homework is about colour and looking at your own photographs to take colour swatches from – as my photography is about 95% B&W this wasn’t easy to do!!!

Here’s my colour palettes from my own photographs – I had to include the London Bus right?


The first palette I would describe as err… colourful 🙂 I’m not good with words or descriptions which is why I hate keywording despite having to do it daily with my photography (and in my job!) – strong colours ranging from soft pink to dark green… there are some purples in there too where it blends into the shadows.

The 2nd palette is softer in tone, again starts with pinks (there is a hazy effect added in post product) going through purples and blues – I do seem to like muted soft colours – I know I hate gloss in photographic prints!

3rd palette (photo of a bubble being blown on the South Bank outside the Tate Modern… never guess that right :-)) is practically monochromatic – not quite white in the high tones and then green in various tones reaching to black.

4th palette of a London Bus – is bright and spunky… that is whats needed if you travel on buses especially at peak times – hence why I walk everywhere!! very bright primary colours… hmmm… would have to do some research to see why that was chosen… is it mostly red so that people don’t get run over (red=danger!!) ;-P

5th palette (image from Rye Park Common) is muted – as I limited myself to five colours I seem to be missing more blues which is what I like the most about the image – the green is rather vibrant next to the soft egg blue sky – in post production the trees have an added reddish glow about them too.

I prefer red around me though – I have red cups, red shelves, red curtain, red blanket on the sofa – which is brown unfortunately, as the red version wasn’t on sale at the time 🙁 so I do have to make myself buy other colours.

I bought these cups from the gift shop in Somerset House (actually waiting for a friend who was an hour late) and they had a display of hand formed clay mugs which were in a range fantastic colours – shame I can’t find a picture of them (they were also lit very well and I just couldn’t help myself) – I got one red and one in a lovely green.

The last time went to Ikea to buy some frames for photographic work to be sold in a Brixton shop (see my photo site for more info on that!) I got a mix of plates and bowls in different colours… why do they have to match?

Ikea green plates
Ikea green plates
Blue :-)
Blue 🙂











I do like silver too – I used to paint my desk silver – my filing cabinet has been silver, then red, back to another shade of silver… it currently sports the ‘distressed’ state of silver with red showing through 😀

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