I just hope this comes to London…

The London MOMA closed in 1999 so I hope that there will be another venue or the BFI hosts a UK version of Tim Burton’s current Exhibition that is running at MOMA in New York.

(link to an unofficial website that shows London MOMA’s exhibitions – it has a terrible design but shows some interesting images that I remember viewing back in the early 90’s!)

click to view Tim Burton Interactive for MOMA Exhibition.


‘Step into Tim Burton’s MOMA exhibition, courtesy of Big Spaceship.

Big Spaceship created this website for Tim Burton’s retrospective at the MOMA. The site offers a peek at Burton’s work throughout the various stages of his career as well as behind-the-scenes footage on how the exhibit came together.’

(quote and link from Creativity-online.com)

The Last of Its Kind

Posted by Jenny He, Curatorial Assistant, Film

MOMA inside/out page featuring Jenny He, MOMA’s curatorial Assistant talking about the exhibition and the time she went to Tim Burton’s London Studio to discuss his images to show in the exhibition (also shows an image of his studio!) (click the title to see the full story)

Click here tofind downloads, forums and news from the Tim Burton Collective website: Tim Burton Collection website

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