I love printing…

I’ve had a slight obsession with all types of printing for many years – I keep trying but it doesn’t always work out – but maybe I just quit too soon… so I’m trying again with something small…

I thought I’d try a rubber stamp for The Stitch group I’m with – to make a label to sew on to the front of products that they want to sell as a fundraiser for the community group.

well… here’s a few photos from last night and I’m sure anyone who sees this and has experience of making stamps, will spot my error straight away 🙂


I’ve not tested it yet as I’m not sure if I’ll just start again from scratch or try to make a foam stamp (which is the child level stamp making technique… sometimes it’s better to crawl than walk sigh).


I have a few weeks before these are needed – thankfully it’s not urgent.

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