I need to stop searching for answers…


How many guides and how-to’s do I need?

I was searching to see if the e-book was something that I had bought in the past, I was having deja vue on the title and subject… well, couldn’t find it but I found a that I own a huuuuuuuge amount of guides, how-to’s, creative business finance, business management, project management, excel sheets and planners of all shapes and sizes… from one day, a week, month, 6 months, plan your life for the next 5 years… all of the above come in either very serious (and slightly boring) formats to the extreme that consist of 10-year-old like drawings on how to plan your life, career, bedroom, dinner etc.

I’m wondering when I’m going to stop researching how to research and trying to plan out my multiple plans… urgh… see confusing.

Running away or just a big fat chicken!

It’s all about being vague, unsure, un-confident, confused… desperate for clarity yet then off I go looking for something to help clear things for myself… so this week I have found and downloaded about 7 types of planners… urgh.

It’s the same with art medium, crafts, and art styles… I want to do them all lol. which is ridiculous as it took artist, and crafters to learn over years so it’s not an instant skill… plus halfway through trying something new (or just buying all the bits…love doing that bit!!) I see something else to get excited over.

I know that I do that so try not to get excited over something new but I think that then bounces back onto the project I wanted to finish… I just need to learn to prioritise and finish things more. yet anything that I do for anyone else gets finished… ok, correction… I just need to learn to prioritise MY projects and finish them 😉

It’s also about fearing the outcome… fear or failure of a project… another example of waste…. waste of materials, money, time and effort… yet, it’s hardly a waste if it’s learning skills that can be used later but it’s easy to kick yourself in the teeth and be supportive and positive to someone else… I’m not saying that should be the other away around though… please don’t kick anyone in the teeth as I was speaking hypothetically.

Maybe it’s about time I took my ideas seriously and start DOING. Planning is a form of procrastination… I spent months last year going through so many productivity apps and gadgets and I realised that I was just avoiding the actual issue… plus how do you set up a productivity system when you haven’t actually mapped/planed it out anyway so it’s not like my ‘testing’ was very well thought out.

I think I would get first place in ‘faffing’, ‘avoidance’ and ‘running away’…. now where’s my gold cup and ribbon?


From Busy to Happy – a 21 day productivity course...Scholarship-Social-Media-1-copy

I signed up to the  “21 day productivity course”

There’s a scholarship and you have to fill out a declaration … here’s mine… my first selfie! gargh… as you can tell I don’t do selfies and that’s also the reason why I’m usually the one yielding a camera… a large one! Neo is not impressed is she?! (yes… I made the picture smaller… might delete it soon ;-P)

  1. Create 2 products with research on costs/labour… wholesale, retail prices and set up ready to sell.
  2. Write a tutorial for Etsy/e-commerce set up for beginners for a local art/craft group with photo tips too.
  3. also start jogging again and stop smoking… I’ve not smoked since last night and walked 9 miles (had heavy bag of work files so no jogging!)

ps: The pic got cropped at the bottom but it says that I wont let the mind gremlins sabotage me … I’ve been a wuss as far as those are concerned!

The winners were announced…

I say winners because there were 3 and not just one… I forgot to comment on their blog post and add the declaration to my blog in time so I knew I wouldn’t but I figured I need some markers for deadlines and accountability plus, I think it might help not to hide behind the paper and try to get the cat to distract people hahaha!

from busy to happy 21 day productivity workshop winners

Guides, Planners, How-to’s and e-stuff.

(I was going to add all my books/guides/planner links etc but realised that it would take a month full-time working hours or several months part-time hours… how about I just do it bit by bit).

I have a post it on my iMac that says…

“take action, make it real and tweak as you go!” 



So here are some links to all the ebooks and guides that I have read, bought, and downloaded. As I like to hoard information it does mean that I’ve not necessarily read them all!

Click the images to go get your own – some require using an email address to subscribe which does mean you can get even more links to guides etc… OMG, I’m flippin obsessed.



Tara Gentile

I keep coming back to this site & she’s on CreativeLive too – she also runs a kickstarter labs group – If I actually start earning money I will join!


Tara Gentile
Tara Gentile



The Design Trust

I think they have a monthly group that you can join up to as well.

The Design Trust Business School & Shop
The Design Trust Business School & Shop




Very girly which is not my usual ‘thing’ but could be a refreshing change from the more boring/traditional type gurus! They are separate but work together and April has a course on CreativeLive too – they other sites are Blacksburg Belle & Heartmade & Life is Messy Bootcamp & Connecting the Gaps.

I am considering their 21 day productivity course too… I figure that if I keep buying books/guides etc I might as well get ones that last longer and have some kind of deadline… I’m good at deadlines!

Young/Fun guru girls - 21 Day Productivity Mission - lots of printable too
Young/Fun guru girls – 21 Day Productivity Mission – lots of printable too



  •  Free Ebook.. “Sell Your Art without Selling Out”

Sell Your Art Without Selling Out free ebook
Sell Your Art Without Selling Out free ebook


  • Free eMagazine with useful links (UK) (not read this yet as only found it yesterday… did spy lots of links and it’s hard to find book/guides with the UK in mind.
How to Start a Business in London Central emagazine
How to Start a Business in London – created a series of free downloadable step-by-step guides



Interesting blog and coaching as well as these free planners.

2014 Planning workbook by Lestssandbox
2014 Planning workbook by Lestssandbox
Weekly Planning Workbook from Letssandbox
Weekly Planning Workbook from Letssandbox



A Hand Crafted Academy

Currently doing a trio of free ebooks –

  • How to overcome your doubts and feel confident all the time.
  • What you need to know about your customers
  • Do you struggle pricing your handmade products
Handcrafted Academy
Handcrafted Academy




Crafter’s Guide to Taking Great Photos: Fool-Proof Techniques to Make Your Handmade Creations Shine Online

I’m actually a photographer and retoucher (see my side bar to visit my photography website) but I don’t really ‘do’ product photography. Plus, it’s a book (love books!) which means I had to buy it… I recommend it to anyone who sells work and needs to take photos without having to buy a fancy pants camera and/or lighting system. And, it can give me tips on how to style stuff as I can be rather technical in terms of being practically and not telling a narrative… that’s how to sell things.



Courtney Carver

Be more with less… has several free ebooks on simplifying, decluttering and small business… there’s a monthly online course. (the microbusiness ebook isn’t free… forgot that I paid for that one!)

Be More with Less Books & ECourses
Be More with Less Books & ECourses
Spark and Tinder Courses
Spark and Tinder Courses


oh look just found this… now off to make a wishlist of books to buy next…

37 Books Every Creative Person Should Be Reading

Making things is hard. Here are some books to inspire and invigorate you.


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  1. I completely feel your pain! So many “how-to guides” and I have EIGHT calendars in my office (all used for slightly different things). Hopefully this 21 day journey with April & Mayi will help us both actually finish something! Glad to know it’s not just me.

    1. Hi Renia… I also have about 50 tabs open on similar items to read/watch etc… total overload plus when do I have time to digest or actually ‘do’ something useful so yep, this 21 day challenge will hopefully help me clarify and get on with things!

      Eight Calendars…!? hmmm… I have one giant wall year planner… but about five different things for to-do lists… Evernote, notebook x 2, post-it note, ical and the iPhone/iPad Mac Reminders app. *sigh*

      good luck and enjoy the course !

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