‘Make It In Design’ Summer Camp – ONE

The Gallery for the first assignment for the ‘Make it in Design’ Summer Camp is on their blog showcasing everyone’s submission for each level.

I signed up to the Intermediate and Advance but only submitted for the Intermediate due to other work commitments…

click on the screengrabs below to visit the main gallery (I’ve posted the page with my work showing ;-P)

Make it in Design Summer Camp Intermediate 1

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 15.47.04


There are loads so have a click through to see everyone’s work – if you click on an image you can go to their website/blog etc if they have provided a link.

There’s a huge mix of styles, levels and experience!

I love the Facebook group as people are so helpful and you can ask questions if stumped on something especially good for those who work traditionally and are new to the technology side (let’s face it, photoshop/illustrator can be a pain for people who have used it for years!!)

I generally use Facebook for different interest groups that I’ve signed up to – POD, licensing, design and business groups so I can keep learning and picking up tips that I would otherwise miss!


Uploaded some of the work I did last week to Society6 as I like the instant mock up ;-P

really do need to do my own mock-ups and start thinking of a range… no time next week though and not sure when I can work on the GTS 2014 either … gargh!

Society6 do Duvet covers now as well as shower curtains… I’m tempted.

My Society6 profile and products are here… LINK

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