Making Marks…

Home work for the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design consisted of making marks… so I made some good old scribbles and scratches on printer paper, hand made paper and as I have rather large collection of glassine wax paper bags (for photographic prints) I tried a selection of charcoals and pastel sticks to see what textures I could get.

The colourful ones on the 3rd line down and the bottom right corner are from a different online multi-media course but I figured that they made good textures too.

The first image and the one below it is created from Tulip Pearl – dimensional fabric paint… it makes a thick 3d line – it’s been in a drawer for about 10+ years and I finally used it!!!

Mark making contact sheet
Mark making contact sheet

As I work in Photography I have a huge selection of textures from this so I have to keep reminding myself that I can cross mediums and I don’t have to stick to one – I have photographs of abstract patterns and architectural elements that make wonderful textures in themselves.

… I was going to find a few to give as an example but then realised that it would kick me off on a massive search through my archive, creating contacts sheets, saving for web etc and I need a break – I’ve spent all day scanning work for my freelance job… maybe later 😉

You can always have a look at the photographic pattern selection on this blog… I know those are patterns formed from my photography but they could be turned into textures depending on blending modes and opacity etc.



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