Making Patterns… and a Photo Print sale

The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design – Module 2

I signed up to the second module of the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design online course but I’ve hardly done any actual work – gargh… (well, module 2 is more about reading about trends etc but the point is I really can’t afford the course but on a whim decided to click ok and it was too late to cancel (when I came to my senses lol)).

I’ve downloaded all the course materials so it’s not a total waste but I’m too stressed as no proper work but I don’t want to give up and stop studying and trying things out.

Here’s some quick mockups… for the first weeks homework – not that happy with them – I do rather like the 2nd plate set especially the mug and small plate so might have a further play with that one.

ABSPD M2 homework ABSPD M2 homework

A motif made from my Illustration.

Geometric Pattern from an Illustration

A repeat pattern made from my photograph of a building in London

Geometric Photo Pattern


ps: I sold a Photographic Print via Fine Art America

I did sell a print this morning which is always nice to hear!

Art Prints

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