MATS BootCamp February Assignment

The Lilla Rogers “Make Art That Sells” Bootcamp started in February but I joined  a few days towards the end of that month so I didn’t get long to work on the assignment.

They set a theme for members to doodle and come up with icons and this was ‘cuckoo clocks’ – later on they give it’s usage and this assignment was for an iPhone case.

These are my designs I came up with and I’m also trying to remind myself of how to use Illustrator as it’s been awhile – I know Photoshop really well so I find Illustrator easy to use on some elements and mind blowingly frustrating on others! ha

I entered this one in for the deadline but I really hadn’t finished the watch wearing cuckoo bird… oh well.


This was another idea that I didn’t get time to finish… it has elements that were a collection of ideas and then I rushed it… as the design changed those elements then didn’t make sense but that’s what happens when you sign up with the deadline a couple of days away.

I think I like the little birds who are coming into the mockup more than the other elements.



I’ve mentioned more in the other post on this blog about the bootcamp.

Here’s a link if you are interested in classes – the Bootcamp is just one option – they have two other courses to join and are more advanced.

Lilla Rogers School
click to visit Lilla Roger School.


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