MATS Bootcamp June 2014

Last Monday we were asked to doodle nautical type icons… think bottle in a ship.

I as always, have to run off and go overboard (‘scuse the pun) and got stuck in one idea.. yes, I did other doodles but Nautical is done so much it’s not easy to be original and I really wanted to see my little drunk Octopus character come to life (before he drowned!!).

This little guy is drowning his sorrows before he drowns!

Octopus sketch
Octopus sketch

initial vector lines started… didn’t like the tentacles or eyes at all…

initial illustrator paths
initial illustrator paths

so I started the illustrator part again…

Octopus in Illustrator (mobile pic)
Octopus in Illustrator (mobile pic)


I then transferred the vector forms separately to photoshop for textures and colours.

not sure what happened to the umbrella… looks terrible.

also still have to do the startled starfish who I think will be in the crows-nest rather than the boat front… I’ve change my mind on this impromptu figurehead stance!

I’m also debating as to whether he has a jumper… yellow, knitted and stripy… hmmm…

Octopus in boat illustration
WIP – still have yet to do the actual sea waves… and startled starfish!

Today we received news that our nautical doodles to be laid out as wall art… and distressed wood type base?
I know how to transfer photos to other surfaces so I might actually try adding my final design (not the above illustration though) to a piece of wood – I’ve actually just painted backgrounds on canvases but those are for other ideas.

It’s a shame the bottom left small square canvas got ruined… I needed to change my ink as it wasn’t saturated enough to transfer… I print onto tracing paper which helps keep the ink wet then onto a gel medium base on the canvas… also if you have used gold ink for the base I recommend adding a clear gesso or layer of gel medium to that to stop it peeling off… oh well, all in the name of experimenting (I’m not that experienced at mixed media)

Painted Canvases
Painted Canvases

(mobile phone pic)

Close up of one of the canvases...  like this one the most!
Close up of one of the canvases… like this one the most! (mobile phone pic)

Threadless Tesla Pup T-shirt

I put my little Pup on Threadless… so if you feel like voting then please be my guest 😀

just click on the pic below and click on 4 or 5… if you want to click on 1 or 2 then errrr… don’t!

Tesla Pups Threadless T-shirt
Tesla Pups Threadless T-shirt


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