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Makerhood Twitter on Tuesday Nights at 8.30-9.30pm

NOTE: #handmadelambeth will soon be changed to #lambethmakers

Robyn from Archie Mac who is a member of Makerhood (creative small makers from Lambeth, London) came up with an idea to do a #handmadelambeth hour with us all giving tips, info on our crafts and small business.

Archie Mac London

Robyn Parker of Archie Mac London interview with Makerhood
click this to read Robyn Parker of Archie Mac London, interview with Makerhood



It’s early days and we are hoping more people will join and Makerhood are great at getting a few other organisations to join in on the Tuesday night #handmadelambeth hour – tonight was about #business #training #handmade and there’s a lot of good links – some I’ve heard of and some I needed reminding of and some are new.

If you read my previous post you’ll see that I love links, information and ebooks etc… I’m getting slightly fatigued but I have got more aware of my procrastination habits… it’s funny how trying to be productive and informative is a procrastination/avoidance tactic to facing personal fears lol.

The reason I started doing this sort of posts was to share the information I find… I’ve tried it with friends who say they want to do similar but I  realised that they don’t really… it’s a nice idea and they think that if you do work for yourself is is ‘luck’ based… which is rather insulting really as people don’t learn, build a business (not necessarily talking about myself as mostly just freelancing for one company at the moment with a little side line) all based on luck… nor do people create wonderful items like Archie Mac from luck… I’m sure it took a lot of work in so many areas and not just the initial design, research, testing, failing, retesting (I’m assuming ;-)) and long long hours… so don’t tell someone is lucky … tell them well done on all your hard work through doubt, fear, loneliness on top of all the other life things that have to be dealt with… I hope to get that strength and courage to start taking control and stop flippin procrastinating. HA!

anyway, enough of my ramblings… here’s the links that got discussed during our twitter #handmadelambeth hour (soon to be  #lambethmakers)

 Brand Amplifier

Makerhood have had several of their members apply for the @brandamplifier for women in business

Brand Amplifier

The four-weekly program offers workshops and seminars on brand strategy, business planning and digital marketing in a nurturing, supportive environment.

Morley College & Makerhood

Makerhood members also get discounts on a range of courses at Morley College (save 10%) on business start up etc.

Makerhood and Morley College
Makerhood and Morley College

Morley College provides a wide range of learning opportunities that promote community inclusion and sustainable development. The work it does fosters the development of both social and human capital.

In the Ofsted inspection in January 2011 Morley College received an outstanding grade for effective partnership work because of a rich variety of learning opportunities that significantly contribute to local economic and social regeneration.

Makers’ Club members are entitled to a 10% discount on all Morley College courses, except for accredited provision. Please quote the discount code MAKER04 when you book.

You can see more Makerhood partner discounts by clicking on this sentence!


The British Library – St Pancras

The British Library Business Centre
The British Library Business Centre


The British Library Business & IP Centre at St Pancras, London can help you start, run and grow your business. 

Our experts have handpicked the best information for researching key industries. These guides highlight useful databases, publications and websites. You’ll be able to find all this information for free in the Business & IP Centre. To use it, you just need to get a Reader Pass.”

I do tend to forget about this rather fantastic resource – they have business networking information and links – a startup saturday workshop, business planning, protecting ideas and researching markets. and free industry guides. (ooh… !)

The Design Trust 

(mentioned these guys before!)

(Twitter @TheDesignTrust)
The Design Trust joined in with Makerhood’s twitter #handmadelambeth hour giving us this recommendation: “Another great book is @DougRichard @CreativeS4S How to start a creative business.

We don’t just promote ourselves! Check out our free resources for our selected opportunities & business training across UK”.

“Our new SHARE membership get that plus online community include 30 Day Challenges, forums & monthly Q&A with The Design Doctor”.

The previous book they recommended was “Get Clients Now” (yup… just bought it myself – click pic for Amazon UK link or the link in this sentence to visit C. J. Hayden’s website).

…new Get Clients Now!: A 28-Day Marketing Program for Professionals, Consultants, and Coaches



 Tree Shepherd

These guys do talks, business surgery and startup meetings – sounds good… Robyn at Archie Mac Designs says it works great for her!

Tree Shepherd  talks, business surgery and startup meetings
Tree Shepherd talks, business surgery and startup meetings



 Space Studios

SPACE is a leading visual arts organization providing creative workspace, advocacy, support and promoting innovation.

has workshops and learning spaces for Artists… founded by artists Bridget Riley and Peter Sedgley, and Peter Townsend in 1968. lots of info. link

Stimulating and supporting contemporary visual arts practice

I joined when they had a special deal on and really need to re-familiarise myself with them!

Good for jobs, opportunities, interviews, news and knowledge bank.



Creative Bug Creative Branding course

I recommend the Creativebug Creative Branding course which is online and interviews several maker/artist types and downloadable PDF – the first two parts were really good. I paid an early bird price as I did the subscription for monthly unlimited viewing of their classes

I tend to do a few months on different sites as I spend a lot of time on my computer and like to have tutorials/info video’s in the background whilst working on the more ‘auto’ pilot type work.

Also do so many different videos, marketing, business, software etc.





Skillshare has got bigger and bigger… currently watching the 3D printing classes… they cover so many different skills and also have several business/startup modules by big names so worth having a look – free month when you sign up… if you click my link we both get a free month (hint hint!)




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