Off to Bootcamp hoorah!

I signed up to the “Make Art That Sells” (MATS) 6 month Bootcamp – one assignment each month (except for April as they have a five-week course in the middle) so a total of 5 assignments where you are given a ‘brief’ and a use of design use as well as other useful tips and info – the private Facebook group is very cool.

Bootcamp with Lilla Rogers

This is my submission – I did also do the February assignment but as I signed up just a few days before that deadline my design wasn’t very good – I may post that up later.

March 2014 MATS Bootcamp
my Submission into the March 2014 MATS Bootcamp ‘Jelly’ themed design for Bolt Fabric.


My other designs that I rather liked from all the doodles and sketches I did in the week before receiving it’s ‘use’ ie: bolt fabric.

another design for the ‘Jelly’ themed design for Bolt Fabric.

A very quick mockup on products: jelly wave, fun, kids design, surface pattern

another design created whilst working on the ‘Jelly’ theme

a floral variation on the ‘Jelly’ themed design for Bolt Fabric.


a few other bits from the Jelly theme:



I did some photos of Jelly to use as texture but didn’t get around to using them…
experiments in jelly!
experiments in jelly! it will probably be a few years before I eat Jelly again!

Whats Next?

For the people not doing the 5 week course ‘we’ have decided to do our own assignment for fun… one member’s six year old son has given the theme of Underwater and it will be for dishware.

I have also decided to join ANOTHER online course – this one being with The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design Module 1: Designing your Way 5 week course which is more affordable for me right now and I think the other MATS course will be good to take once I get to a better level of work.

The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design

I’ve been eyeing these modules for at least a year and it started on Monday (24th March 2014) I signed up that night… I couldn’t help it. I need to find more work or sell more products in order to afford this lol.

I’ve added my shop links to my about page… hint hint hint 🙂


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