One Poop or Three?

Tesla Pups!

I was thinking of trying to screen print my Tesla pup onto some fabric.

As the little guy is all about geometrics then a normal square might just be a bit too normal… triangular cushion would probably suit better… also reflects his poop ick

I didn’t spend much time on colour options as wasn’t sure if I wanted kids colours… ie: primary… this then led me to think tertiary colours 😛

Tesla Pup cushion mockup
Tesla Pup cushion mockup


what do you think?

(ps: he was born from this pattern from the ABSPD module one class ‘deconstructing patterns’  LINK to my previous blog post)

I bought a Cameo silhouette and have yet to try it properly – did make some gift boxes for jewellery pieces I made and sold at Christmas and tried cutting some felt (mixed results) but I keep meaning to try cutting a stencil and screen printing something.

I’m slightly reluctant as my last attempt ended in ruining a whole screen and I somehow managed to do it the wrong way round! gargh.

I was trying to make a rag doll of a stop motion character that I made a few years ago –

Clara – the stop motion puppet who makes her own stop motion puppets

Her worst nightmare… being a dolly… a rag doll type of dolly – gargh!

RunnyCustard: Clara Production Gallery &emdash; Clara Production images

I want to make her mini puppets too and her bag with a sketch book inside (maybe not the sketchbook?)

Clara - rag doll test
Clara – rag doll test

I’m thinking I should try again but choose something that is easier to print and sew up – the Clara doll test version had a funny neck and her fingers need to be in a ‘mitten’ shape as sewing the fingers was awkward and looked terrible.

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