Pattern Favourites…

I’ve not tried to gather my favourite patterns together before as there is far too much in the world to do such a thing.

I try to avoid Pinterest as I gather too many images from books, magazines, websites and in my environments with my own camera as it is. I’ve been trying to gather them and organise it all (with sources if I can) in Evernote but I now have far too many note books and notes in Evernote that I’m now overwhelmed via another app/database HA!

Maybe I need to learn to edit my choices better – that doesn’t just cover my likes and dislikes in design … very much in the real world too!

For home work on the Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design Module 1 we had to gather a few on a canvas to help us discover our signature style… so here’s mine.

a selection of patterns that Iike
a selection of patterns that Iike – click the image to see my pinterest page where you will find the names & links of the images.

As with anything taste and current favourites change – I’ve been doodling and creating motifs with strong lines but then I have always loved textures – 2D or 3D I’m not fussed.

I still have yet to do a colour mood board – I’ve had too much to do and having an inner ear infection made me lose a lot of time. oops.





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