Promotional ‘Thank you’ cards…


In my previous post the photographs I took of their sons’ birthday party the parents wanted to give out some cards or prints to the other guests with my details on the back – I decided to try and create a layout for a thank you card and get that printed.

As I’m currently working for my old company, freelancing retouching/scanning work I thought I’d save time and find a digital download – plus I’ve been wondering how these work as I’ve seen lots of adverts for digital downloading of card/blog/scrapbooking/general layouts that people can use to help layout their images… to save them learning a complex piece of software like Photoshop.

I brought a basic layout and opened it up – the blurb said you can resize the template but I noticed that they just had grey boxes on separate layers… and that was it? I paid money for boxes on layers????? They weren’t even vector shapes so saying you can resize them means the edges (curved) would all be pixellated and look terrible… so I had to re-create the whole thing.

Thank you /Promotional card
Thank you /Promotional card - front & back viewed side by side.

NO saving of time or money… actually a waste of both… sooooooo I might sell the template I made for myself (which is a completely different layout and design) which will also feature adjustment layers, vector shapes (so they can ACTUALLY be resized without destruction) and MORE YAY! 🙂

I just need to write up the instructions that will make sense to a photoshop newbie and then get someone to test it for me. I already have an shop so maybe in the next week or so you’ll see it appear. I just have a lot of other work to do first… and I have a family portrait/baby session on Saturday.



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  1. Lenny has helped me with the layout of my lounge.Her fantastic photo’s are now a focal point with a great canvass with more than just one image on. Just need to repaint the lounge now lol

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