Resin and plastics…

I attended a resin/cold-enameling class at the City-Lit in London for two days as I would like to create my own jewelry at some point.

Since creating items for Clara the stop motion puppet, I’ve found that I rather enjoyed the process of creating molds and using latex. I wanted to try other mediums like resin (you don’t need to own a kiln for this technique which is a plus as they are expensive they need their own generators/electricity transformers – I don’t think my landlord would appreciate it either (renting in London is a pain!)

The resin comes in two parts – the resin itself and the hardener. You have to measure the two parts using a scale as the hardener is rather thicker  compared to the resin.

Resin FAIL! these were the bottom layers of resin and 3 other layers were to go on top once it had 'cured' but I'll have to start again now 🙁

I’ve tried creating my own molds and resin shapes at home on three occasions now… twice it has failed… grrrr

The first time I didn’t add enough hardener … the second time too much – I’m not sure how that works, why not cure if there was too much hardener??

oh well… I’ll have to try and clean up the resin out of the molds and start again – gooey resin is a nightmare to clean up (nail polish remover does help but it still takes a long time).

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