Richard’s Cousin…

I woke up an old facebook page which used to be called ‘RunnyCustard’s Fluffy Bits’ and I’ve now renamed as RunnyCustardMakes and posted some up to date photos of the creatures that I’ve made, including this guy who I called Richard. (the photo shows Richard (cream coloured) with Bob!)

handmade oddball characters with long noses!

I was promptly asked if I could make another ‘Richard’ character which I did – this version had arms and as I though I’d let the new owner name him, I decided to give him the moniker ‘Richard’s Cousin’ – well, they do look alike!

Richard's Cousin - handmade odd ball character with a big nose!

He went off on his travels last week with a friendly little chap to keep him company and they were snug in a handmade drawstring bag.

I started making a new website just to feature the craft side of things which I hope to list the creatures to sell via that platform or you can always use Etsy if you prefer that site!

Here’s another little critter that needs a home – he’s currently at the L’Arche shop in West Norwood but let me know if you would like him posted to you 🙂

furry cat with needle felted details - can also stand on his own!


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