Sewing Pattern making – ‘Cats in Pants’

I have thought about making patterns to sell, either crochet (I’ve gone off that idea for now) and sewing patterns of characters and toys – maybe even writing a few that feature armatures for stop motion puppets and/or toys that are posable.

Cats in Pants digital download pattern - teaser images
Cats in Pants digital download pattern – teaser images

I’ve seen other people’s patterns as they are usually rather simple in that there is a list of tools/materials, brief instructions and then some rough template shapes to cut around but I have a tendency to go overboard and my pattern keeps turning into a major essay on sewing… I’ve cut it back and tried to go back to a simpler version.

I do still plan to have some tips and notes on alternative fabric that can be used and techniques and my templates have been created in illustrator with cut/sew marks and I hope, are clear on where to leave a gap for stuffing, eye placement etc.

For some unknown reason InDesign is refusing to work – crashes and now I just can’t start it up so I’ve had to give up and use Illustrator to layout the pages – not a great solution but it will have to do until I can be bothered to fight with it again!

I think I will have to create a few pages at a time so will piece it together later – I won’t do the content page until I have sorted everything out – I’m thinking of also supplying a useful list of bloggers / sewing websites for beginners to visit and help them with video techniques if my explanations don’t work. 🙂

Starting a page layout in Illustrator
Starting to rough out page layouts of the pattern in Illustrator

I do need to do the main photo (the pattern wont feature the nose in the top photo on the ‘adult’ cat and the ears will be more cat shape) and I wanted to do some ‘lifestyle’ shots of them frolicking in a backyard by a fish pond but I gave all my current stock of Cats and Kittens to Diverse Gifts in Brixton (Coldhabour Lane) so now I have to finish the next litter – they are currently sat on the side waiting to have their eyes put in and then clothing added. I also need to make some underpants… not sure if I will include that in this pattern or do that as an ‘add on’ that can be purchased at the same time/later on etc.

well, I thought I would do an update as I keep forgetting to blog about anything – it’s difficult as I’m currently out of work and will run out of money soon wails.

Over and out… will update again soon (ish)

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