Homework – take a check pattern and use colour swatches inspired by the website Design Seeds.

When I saw the assignment I went to do some other work first and ended up with a notebook in my hand at one point… I decided I wanted to try doodling a check pattern for the opposite effect of a typical check pattern… wonkiness!

so what was supposed to be a quick play ended up turning into a mini major project lol – I have yet to enhance a typical check pattern oops.

The class ends soon – literally on Sunday I think. Module 2 starts in July and I hope to have the funds to join it!!

I have mostly enjoyed seeing the other designers work which range from newbies in pattern or/and technological side of things and then others who are established pattern designers or illustrators.

I’ve never liked the idea that you have to do one thing for life… I work in photography but yet for some reason that is all I’m allowed to do… I like making puppets too! 🙂

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