Hello Ms Floofe (& Oval Farmers Market)

Ms Floofe – Handmade Cloth Doll who likes fluffy things.

Ms Floofe - Handmade Cloth Doll who likes fluffy things

I seeing a theme in my colour choices… another blue haired doll (ok, I just have a lot of blue mohair roving over other colours) but the lilac dress is similar colour to the doll in the previous post. Maybe my next doll will have a different outfit then 😉

Ms Floofe loves anything with sparkles, fluffyness and occasionally a bit of smooth satin (ie: her knickers… she went a little coy in the last photo… I don’t blame her!)

The little crochet bag was made many years ago when I was teaching myself to crochet but I think it goes with her outfit.

Off to Market

Saturday 24th April


We are off to the Oval Market right next to Oval Underground and Kennington Park – The Farmers Market with the Rock Paper Scissors London Art & Handmade Collective so come say hi!

(I have listed my dolls on Ebay and Etsy so availability will be dependent on any online sales)

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Blue Hair and Polka Dots



Don't tell anyone but she has cool knickers!


Her hair is a needle felted with a soft wool mohair and her eyes are hand drawn with a fabric pen (heat set).

She’s made with linen mix cotton (50% of each), upcycled clothing (that skirt was mine but far too short for me to wear so I decided to use it instead of sitting in storage for years!) the skirt is lined and elasticated waist with stretchy striped sleeveless top (it has sparkles!)

The fluffy pink shawl has light purple polka dot buttons (it’s actually push stud fastener underneath).

The floral knickers are fixed but the other clothes can be removed but be warned – she’s not the ‘running around in public naked’ type of gal!

The armchair was a prop for a stop motion character that I made years ago (link)

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