One Poop or Three?

Tesla Pups!

I was thinking of trying to screen print my Tesla pup onto some fabric.

As the little guy is all about geometrics then a normal square might just be a bit too normal… triangular cushion would probably suit better… also reflects his poop ick

I didn’t spend much time on colour options as wasn’t sure if I wanted kids colours… ie: primary… this then led me to think¬†tertiary colours ūüėõ

Tesla Pup cushion mockup
Tesla Pup cushion mockup


what do you think?

(ps: he was born from this pattern from the ABSPD module one class ‘deconstructing patterns’ ¬†LINK to my previous blog post)

I bought a Cameo silhouette and have yet to try it properly – did make some gift boxes for jewellery pieces I made and sold at Christmas and tried cutting some felt (mixed results) but I keep meaning to try cutting a stencil and screen printing something.

I’m slightly reluctant as my last attempt ended in ruining a whole screen and I somehow managed to do it the wrong way round! gargh.

I was trying to make a rag doll of a stop motion character that I made a few years ago –

Clara – the stop motion puppet who makes her own stop motion puppets

Her worst nightmare… being a dolly… a rag doll type of dolly – gargh!

RunnyCustard: Clara Production Gallery &emdash; Clara Production images

I want to make her mini puppets too and her bag with a sketch book inside (maybe not the sketchbook?)

Clara - rag doll test
Clara – rag doll test

I’m thinking I should try again but choose something that is easier to print and sew up – the Clara doll test version had a funny neck and her fingers need to be in a ‘mitten’ shape as sewing the fingers was awkward and looked terrible.

Textures & limitations…

Interested in free stuff for photoshop…?

I’ve come across this site a few times and I do think it’s a treasure trove of fab free gifts!

He also creates his own Photographic Art and premium plugins/textures etc as well as give away a huge selection of free stuff.

I’ve only tried using textures briefly and would like to try some more soon.

Plus I do think it can help bring a digital illustration alive – I’ve seen some artist/illustrators use linen like textures and it really does give it life.

Nomu illustration
Nomu Illustration with linen texture

Nomu – shown above sells her work via her website and Etsy – click the image to go to her website. And this one to see her Etsy shop.

My little dilemma!

I do have another blog (well actually several!) but I do find it confusing keeping the subjects¬†separate¬†– it’s the rules apparently!!

I’m constantly told that I have to keep my photography work (and freelance work) on one website/blog and anything else has to go somewhere else. It means I don’t blog much at all – not that I’m use to blogging anyway.

Unfortunately, there are some people that think if you have an interest in a subject then you can only have that one subject… another would mean confusion and a diluted sense of ‘passion’… but I like all types of imagery… this includes textures (fabric/textiles), three dimensional objects and illustrations!

‘Clara’s Animated World’ blog

RunnyCustard: Clara Production Gallery &emdash;
Clara’s is a stop motion character that makes her own stop motion characters (I’ve only made a teaser and chapter one so far and I’d rather re-make chapter one as it could be a lot better). The self hosted website consist of a web page which shows a gallery of production/making off images), 2 stop motion shorts, link to two blogs (Clara has one too… well suppose to), about page and blog… ¬†she includes clay, modelling, (the head/hands) textiles/sewing (clothing), knitting, camera work (stop motion!) , film (adding real images & stop motion stills together), sound (voices/effects), editing (final cut/after effects), storyboarding (storytelling/directing/illustrating), html coding (the website). I really liked playing around with all the different mediums – I did a mini resin class too which was fun. The blog (which started as self hosted but after getting a virus went back to the ‘free’ wordpress version) hasn’t had anything added for ages as the project is flippin difficult – I have however dismantled her ‘friend’, a creature that helps fuel her imagination… it now has a body but that’s all so far.


‘RunnyCustard’s Fluffy Bits’

My fluffy bits - etsy shop

I’m going off the name so I might change it at some point but it was suppose to be about textiles/crafting/illustrating which has gone by the wayside as I need to earn money to live off… I like so many different mediums it’s difficult to just pick one – how can I possible pick just one out of a world that has many!!?!?!?! why does it have to be just one?

Paint comes in a variety of mediums, so do pencils/pens/paper… in textiles there are fibres, needle felting (wet or dry), 3D, sculpture which uses clay, paper, pulp, fimo etc… the list is endless and even photography can be transferred to textiles, woods, different paper textures, film comes in an amazing variety even today with the so called ‘death throws to digital!!

I know having too many choices is difficult sometimes (don’t get me started on the cereal section of a supermarket – yeesh!) but most people who work for themselves are suppose to just pick one thing which they then brand themselves on.


I like exploring and feel that I’m being restricted to just one and I think that’s why I don’t create as much as I want too.

I’ve even started thinking about a new one…

“Sola Powa”

I want to create more for my baby niece (my mini muse?) rather than just the moody photography stuff – and her portraits that I take. I’ve made her several toys so far – one turned into a big project in my mind but never got further than the illustration and mini teddy (shown below – the cute one not the scary one at the back), which I’m currently battling ¬†Illustrator with (I’ve not used it in ages and it’s frustrating as I automatically think of how I would do things in Photoshop!) and a small plush toy that I originally wanted as a stop motion puppet who goes to Sola’s house and asks if it can move in with her… she says yes and everyone is happy. (I never said I was original). But I don’t want it as a ‘baby’ blog and baby toys type site… again, I don’t want to be restricted down to one thing.

Teddy for Sola
Teddy for Sola (iphone pic) I don’t just want to make one type of style or medium… cute/scary, cool, bright etc
Batik "Golden Sun Flower" cushion - created from an old illustration I made years ago.
Batik “Golden Sun Flower” cushion – created from an old illustration I made years ago.
"cool blue" batik cushion
Batik “cool blue” cushion – created from an old illustration I made years ago.


Maybe I should just create one big blog and pretend to source in all these items of madness arty/craftiness that is curated together…

I think that would confuse me even more!

ps: this was written in a fit of insomnia but posted at a later date/day!


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Clara: The Final Word for Now: via Owl Knit You

Obviously Emily is my biggest fan… and equally I’m a fan of hers!

Clara: The Final Word for Now I posted a while ago about my friend Lenny Carter. She makes the most amazing puppets (among other things!) She just graduated with a 1st from London College of Communication. I went to see her degree show the other day and saw the final incarnation of Clara. Clara is a misunderstood young girl, who feels as though she’s being manipulated by the people around her. In response, she creates her own world to which she can escape reality. Clara is th ‚Ķ Read More

via Owl Knit You

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A Girl, Monsters, and Psychology: via Owl Knit You

My friend Emily has posted about my critters a couple of times and it’s strange to hear from someone else’s perspective… some times it’s a little to clear and I guess I’d like not to be so flippin obvious! ;-P

A Girl, Monsters, and Psychology: Work by Lenny Carter One of my really good friends, Lenny, is doing a degree in Digital Media and in her interpretation of the assignments, she intelligently combines ‘analogue’ media with the digital. She combines arts and crafts and wool and resin into fully formed beings (human or otherwise) that express strong emotions and strong insights into the human condition. The combination of a huge personality into a small puppet and ameoba-like shapes give her works thei ‚Ķ Read More

via Owl Knit You


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I decided to try out student hood before I got too old!

I tried a 2nd year of a HND a few years back but no students or tutors turned up (plus after a years tution the other students didn’t know how to open Quark which I thought was pretty bad… opening a piece of software is the same no matter the type!! so I left as I was only working part time and couldn’t really afford to do something that wasn’t going to teach me anything).

I probably should have done a different course but a BA in Digital Media Design was linked to the work that I’d already done so it was a practical choice – I could have gone into the 2nd year but decided that I needed a break from working full time (been 25+ years!)… well the course was a mix of video/audio/web design/design and it seems to be an intro to each subject.

I didn’t really take to the video/audio as I’ve only dealt with still images (photo/drawn/illustrated/DTP etc) so I’m slightly surprised that I ended up doing stop motion… wish I’d paid more attention to it all now ;-P

I’ve mentioned the Clara project before…

here: linky

and here: linky

both of those show Clara’s previous head… I burnt the super sculpey clay head when fixing a broken eye! took four tries before I got one that worked… is slightly better – I do want to try and re-make her head with actual rotating eye balls… which I hope to work into the storyline.

Clara's ruined head next to a fresh formed attempt - which developed cracks 24 hours later!

oh and one more thing… I got a First ūüėÄ


New website landing page layout

Stop Motion – Clara- Chapter One done…

My stop motion project has moved on slightly from the teaser which I did last year.

after faffing with different camcorder/web cams I finally brought a Canon Rebel but found that it wasn’t compatible with either iStopMotion or Dragon… so I then sold that and brought a Canon 500D with still wasn’t compatible with iStopMotion (which I could borrow from a friend until I could get more money after paying nearly ¬£500 for the Canon) so I ended up buying Dragon stop motion software… which I prefer actually… so this one little chapter cost me over ¬£600 lol… I do obviously hope to continue and improve which should stretch the cost out ;-P

Clara needs her own camera equipment

There’s a few other clips on Vimeo that show the walk cycle etc.. plus also a new (very quickly made) puppet and it’s foul mouthed little ‘friend’.

Clara – Chapter One… from Lenny Carter on Vimeo.

There’s also a facebook fan page which you can join – I tend to update that more often than this blog… but will start to blog more – the dissertation/projects just got in the way!

Clara the Stop Motion Puppet Facebook Page

Update on Clara Project

In a previous post I mentioned that my final year project for year 2 was going to be a stop motion sequence. (click here to see previous post)

Here are some images of Clara and the video of a short teaser clip.

You can visit Clara’s website at ‘Clara’s Animated World’

you will also find links to my blog documenting how Clara was made and Clara’s own blog which is her personal journey into asserting herself and making her own stop motion sequences, hopefully helping her solve personal issues and learn new skills.

All this is still very much in production and I have a long way to go – I will eventually be adding a comic strip (not sure if it’s from Clara’s personal view point or one that Clara actually makes herself!?!) and hopefully the full animated sequence will be done in the next 10 months, plus more useful links for anyone who wants to try this themselves.

Also, the website needs sorting – I want the comic strip segments on the page to zoom and shift to open up – rather than go to a new ‘page’ (it’s a flash website), also the blank segment will be where Clara’s comic strip will go (I don’t have a suitable image for that yet). plus sounds… and how to add video content that doesn’t show a youtube or vimeo logo or if embedding, how to get it to show a decent resolution/quality as it’s rather poor at the moment… but you can see the video below which is from youtube in the meantime!

Clara - stop motion puppet
a pre-production shot of Clara in a 'dramatic' pose!