Easy Ways to Grow Your Online Presence…

Trade School in West Norwood, London

I plan to attend this next week and whilst, I know a fair bit in theory, I think having someone else’s point of view will be extremely useful. (no spaces left as now full).
I think it’s possible to get lost in all the information that is available and I’ve been reading and watching a lot of information on the subject – online courses, books, RSS feeds to many blogs/websites and organisations that I’ve signed up to and I do  feel somewhat fatigued – sometimes it’s useful to hear from a human being  that is stood in front of you which helps to clarify and shift through any jumbled thoughts you have on the subject.
Plus, going over the basics again can be brilliant at reminding yourself of things that may have been forgotten or dismissed previously because it just didn’t ‘click’ at the time.

Easy Ways to Grow Your Online Presence…   

Do you want to make sure that people can find you when searching for the type of product or service you sell? Are you already doing social media? There are lots of other techniques small businesses should consider to attract more customers, even on a budget. This class will help you understand the basics of two major digital marketing channels and how it can benefit your business. The class will be interactive so you can easily apply what you have learnt.

Bring one of the following:

Blog (or any other online post) about the class – you are looking at mine!
Design help – of what I ‘m not sure yet – will update afterwards.
Enthusiasm! I’m quietly enthusiastic 🙂
Nibbles or drinks for the class – yay, biscuits!
Your business card – always have those but tend to forget to give them out.

About the teacher, Vanessa Fullerton-Batten 

Marketer with a digital focus, having worked for 15+ years in sales and marketing for different sized organisations from start-ups through to large corporations. Now run my own digital marketing company for small businesses, www.vfbmarketing.com. I’ve lived in West Norwood for the last 7 years.

   6:30p.m. to 7:30p.m.
James Wilson Coffee Shop
357 Norwood Road
London SE27 9BQ GB

The Open Works Trade School project

This is through The Open Works Trade School project – you can see a selection of their other projects here – click to visit and have a look yourself – they are generally free and some have a simple barter element but all in fun!

I’m part of The Stitch and several members are setting up a website which we hope to launch soon.

I’m also part of the Rock Paper Scissors collective and we have 2 venues L’Arche next to St Luke’s Church (where they hold the Feast Sunday) in West Norwood and the James Wilson Cafe in Tulse Hill (next to the train station – turn right!) and apparently there could be a 3rd option in Streatham 🙂

I fancy doing the clay version but I need to use some time in trying to find a job… work wanted 😀

The Open Works Trade School Projects Selection
The Open Works Trade School Projects Selection – click to visit page

They are ending this year long project soon but the individual projects will continue – there tends to be a crossover of people in them so there is still a link between them all which is great.

This was a project with Lambeth Council and they didn’t know if it would be successful and they plan to review/research the outcome over the next few months.

Personally I think it’s a great idea and it’s a shame I didn’t know about sooner – I found them through the Makerhood group – it’s so useful to have these links, I really wasn’t bought up with any type of community so I’m finding it interesting and hope it all continues!

Get feedback at our product surgery – Makerhood

The following evening I have a Makerhood meet up – ‘Get feedback at our Product Surgery’ Westow Hill near Crystal Palace park – which has also sold out of tickets (free to Makerhood Members & £4 to non-members).

Jane Doxey is a product design development and retail expert with years of experience as a buyer for companies including Liberty’s and Marks and Spencer’s. Jane also runs her own consultancy, Creative and Retail, which specialises in offering help to individuals and start ups who are just getting started.

Liz Clamp is the owner of Smash Bang Wallop, a shop in Crystal Palace that sells beautiful goods – from jewellery to accessories, cosmetics to candles, toys to homewares including products by local makers. Liz’s background is in fashion design, and she previously worked for Joseph and was a lecturer at London College of Fashion where she wrote a book on fashion marketing.

Think my brain will be overloaded again… oh well… 😉

Related Images:

Makerhood Lambeth Group Members on Etsy

I am helping the Makerhood Lambeth group with a few things and one has been setting up an Etsy Team where we hope to promote each other and also help newbies to Etsy set up their shop.
I’m trying out the team page that Etsy captains can set up and I’ve created a list that shows the current members who have signed up to Etsy! (ergh… just realised why I prefer to self host blogs as the wordpress.com version wont allow embedding of etsy widgets!) – this is just a screen grab… click on it to visit the actual makerhood page!
Etsy makerhood Page for local Lambeth London creative makers and artists.
Etsy makerhood Page for local Lambeth London creative makers and artists.
If you are already a Makerhood member and you are interested in joining Etsy and setting up a shop then please join the team on Etsy and we will all help you find out more if you are new! I know the Makerhood Organisers are hoping to have a meet up soon for people who want to know more before signing up – we hope to set up teams who will go teach different stages of setting up… newbies, people who want to know more about tagging/descriptions and promotion etc… so keep an eye out for that newsletter!
If you are a creative maker, artist etc living in Lambeth, London then please check out Makerhood and it’s £25 to join for the year and you get to go to lots of workshops for free and everyone helps to promote you via social media too.
I’ve been to several which have ranged from pricing of your work, social media, selling to shops and last Tuesday night we had a talk on ‘Dazzling Displays’ given by Juliet Carr from Paperpoms UK and Setbox.

Paperpoms you can see what past events they had listed here and also see what talks are coming up… Eventbrite Makerhood Makerhood websitetoo! Its was a shame that Ellie Kidson is a Visual Retail Specialist and oversees training and development for the Metamorphosis Group was forced to cancel but she has promised to give a talk soon 🙂 Here’s some photos that I took for Makerhood.

uliet Carr from Paperpoms UK
Juliet Carr from Paperpoms UK

Makerhood Workshop "Dazzling Displays" at L'Arche, Norwood

Dazzling displays Juliet Carr from Paperpoms UK and Setbox gives a talk at L’Arche, Norwood High Street - 18 June 2014 - http://makerhood.com/
COOKIES! … and lots of information!
Makerhood Workshop "Dazzling Displays" at L'Arche, Norwood
Q&A for Juliet!
Makerhood Workshop "Dazzling Displays" at L'Arche, Norwood
oooh, tools, paper and making stuff… love that bendy florist wire … I definitely need that… not sure what right now but I know I will have to buy some soon!