New Makers Market in Tulse Hill

The Hub

(formally the James Wilson Coffee Shop)

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post (briefly), I’m part of a new makers market in Tulse hill.

It’s being organised by Lorraine Duncan otherwise known as @knitwizzneedles who also runs a community knitting and crochet group on Wednesdays – you can visit her google page here.

so far there are several Rock Paper Scissors London group members who sell at L’Arche in West Norwood and at the Coffee Shop itself but there are also others who sell Skin Care items, hearty food and children’s clothing, toys, wall art, home decoration and weird creatures (mine) and I usually have a few other items that I make so please pop along if you can :-)

They are open to new makers as a few didn’t make it and we need more to help give a good range of work by locals for locals (and anyone who wants to visit :-D)

Here’s a few photos I took of the 2nd market which was my first – the next makers market will be on the 6th June – I will add more photos to the gallery (click on images to visit) after each market so I hope to be able to show a whole range of work.

I just had a small table as it was my first go and I need more practice 😀


Sally Durrans – Ceramics feature large double glazed work and smaller pieces that even kids love.

Sally Durran's ceramics cover a wide range of work from large to small items that kids love to.

Lorraine Duncan (knitwear/textiles) and Sally Durrans (ceramics) play around before opening up the Market

Lorraine Duncan (Knitter & Organiser) and Sally Durrans (ceramics)

Nicolette’s handmade children’s clock and a selection of jewellery

Nicolette's Handmade children's clocks

Lovely Handmade Dresses

Wonderful children's wear.

 Sue Debo’s has some hot and cold food on offer including a vegetarian option.

Sue Dabo - Porkies vegetarian option - meat option was Pulled Pork

You can visit each makers websites by following these links:

Nicolettes – Facebook page here Jewellery & handmade/painted character clocks

Lorraine Duncan – Twitter: @knitwizzneedles & google page here. Knitter/Crochet group and maker.

Sally Durrans – – ceramics

Sue Dabo – @PorkiesBH  – Roast Meats & Savouries Specialists, Home Delivery, Markets, Events & Festivals.

To Huy @ToHuyTran Sew Unique Children’s clothing Designer and Maker of children’s clothing and handmade handbags and anything knitted or sewn.

More Makers will be joining each month as we grow!


Related Images:

Pattern Design on Catwalk!

‘Print All Over Me’ Catwalk

This POD site (print on demand) that allows people to upload their own designs to sell (and see) their work on actual clothing, cushions etc.

PAOM have started a 3D catwalk which shows figures walking up and down…

here’s one with my designs on their catwalk model… bit small to see…



Tribal Leaf Graphic Motif…

I signed up to “The Making it in Design School” Summer Camp which started a few days ago – I signed up to two of the levels but picked just one to work on as I have also signed up to the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2014 which starts on Tuesday so that should keep me busy for a bit!

Make It In Design Summer School
Make It In Design Summer School
Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2014
Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2014


I scanned a doodle and tidied it up and had a play… I do love pulling shapes out of other shapes and I can get carried away so I have to stop!! I seem to end up with a leaf shape all the time!!?!?

surface pattern design motif
playing around with a motif that has been scanned and tidied in illustrator.


Here’s some swim suit mock ups – the brief is for Retro Geometrics on Swim Wear (there are shorts too) and the colour palette was also chosen for inspiration.

I do like the bottom two … the bottom left needs changes to make it work… hmmm…

mockups on swimsuit - selection.
mockups on swimsuit – selection.


I decided to add some of the patterns to the Print All Over Me website to see how they look on different products – these are for sale so go check it out!


I will update with the final submission and link to the gallery which goes live later this week once it’s finally completed – I hope to submit today or tomorrow.


Procrastinating on the final piece for the summer school I went off on a slight different angle and got these…

layered leaf graphic motif
layered leaf graphic motif

I’ve decided to submit this one as I have other work to do and really needed to submit something by tonight.

pattern design on swim suit mockups
pattern design on swim suit mockups




Print All Over Me PAOM


My designs featured on bags, dresses, towels and other items with the POD site Print All Over Me… click image to visit!


RunnyCustard Designs on Clothing & Accessories PAOM
RunnyCustard Designs on Clothing & Accessories PAOM