The Open Works “The Stitch” Launch

The Open Works

The Open Works kicked off their festival this weekend and I visited the launch of “The Stitch’ which was held at the L’ Arche Workshop (and shop) in which is on the Norwood High Street.
The Open Works believe that citizen’s imaginative ideas are the starting point.

The Open Works Festival - The Stitch Launch at L'Arche Norwood

I’ve got to hear about The Open Works from the Makerhood Organisation as they are joining forces for local people to sell their work through a pop up shop in time for Christmas and makers from both groups will feature – including me I hope 🙂
They have lots of projects… visit their project page here
I would love to sew more and be able to learn tips from others and also share what I know too so to have something like this to go to seems fantastic – either courses are either too expensive or they are months away or I’ve just managed to miss signing up.

The Open Works Festival - The Stitch Launch at L'Arche Norwood

They also do a trade school where you can pop in and learn simple french, knitting, how to make a killer cappuccino and lots more… visit
(it gets refreshed so sometimes lots of classes and other times they have yet to add new ones so sign up to their newsletter to keep in touch.
Sign up for more information or view their other workshops & meetups via their website:

The Stitch

Saturday 25th Oct 2014 was the start of their open day and these images are from ‘The Stitch’ launch day at L’ Arche in Norwood.
“The Stitch is a regular meet up of people who want to knit, sew, tailor, upholster and craft together. A chance to share and learn skills, swap tips and get inspiration for your next creation. Bring your projects, learn the basics, improve your techniques and enjoy stitching in the company of others.


Hosted by L’Arche Craft Workshop: 11-13 Norwood High Street

They will start with two dates and they will be trying to gauge the interest and best times/days to host it on – drop in between 5.30 – 8.30 on the 5th November & 25th November as it will be every two weeks at first.
I’m sure if many people turn up then more dates will be added and maybe every week too 🙂
I took some photos from the launch day and you can visit the album here – you can also see the ‘share’ button to link them onto your blog/social media websites.

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Greeting Cards, Gifts, Cushions & DiverseGifts in Brixton…

in collaboration with Brixton Makershood, who I am a member off (you can see my page here) and will be showing other members work at DiverseGifts in Brixton

diverse gifts logo

Their website is currently being updated and the physical shop is relocating to Coldharbour Lane, visit the facebook page to keep up to date.

Click the images below to visit my Etsy shop – I will also list them on Folksy & WowThankYou.

English Garden Greeting Cards
English Garden Greeting Cards – add your sentiment & then your loved one can frame the artwork keeping your words secret & close by for years to come!
English Garden Greeting Cards as seen in small sized frames
English Garden Greeting Cards as seen in small sized frames


Autumnal Trees Square Greeting Cards shown in frames and on printed textiles - Cushions
Autumnal Trees Square Greeting Cards shown in frames and on printed textiles – Cushions



I will also be selling larger sized prints in frames and Jewellery Pendants at the shop.

Online purchases will also be available via and soon.


Floofy Ring and Choker

I brought the ring base (I’ll have to look up where from as I can’t remember off hand) and it’s an adjustable silver square design.

Thick felt was added… red with a cream stripe and 3 little perl beads were added. I then fluffed up the felt to give it a more wispy feel!


The choker band in the background was taken apart as I wasn’t happy with the finish… might remake it if I can find a better way. It had a cream ribbon threaded through it’s centre and was made using a thick cream felt which was fluffed up!

Floofy Ring


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A Girl, Monsters, and Psychology: via Owl Knit You

My friend Emily has posted about my critters a couple of times and it’s strange to hear from someone else’s perspective… some times it’s a little to clear and I guess I’d like not to be so flippin obvious! ;-P

A Girl, Monsters, and Psychology: Work by Lenny Carter One of my really good friends, Lenny, is doing a degree in Digital Media and in her interpretation of the assignments, she intelligently combines ‘analogue’ media with the digital. She combines arts and crafts and wool and resin into fully formed beings (human or otherwise) that express strong emotions and strong insights into the human condition. The combination of a huge personality into a small puppet and ameoba-like shapes give her works thei … Read More

via Owl Knit You


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