Stop Motion – Clara- Chapter One done…

My stop motion project has moved on slightly from the teaser which I did last year.

after faffing with different camcorder/web cams I finally brought a Canon Rebel but found that it wasn’t compatible with either iStopMotion or Dragon… so I then sold that and brought a Canon 500D with still wasn’t compatible with iStopMotion (which I could borrow from a friend until I could get more money after paying nearly £500 for the Canon) so I ended up buying Dragon stop motion software… which I prefer actually… so this one little chapter cost me over £600 lol… I do obviously hope to continue and improve which should stretch the cost out ;-P

Clara needs her own camera equipment

There’s a few other clips on Vimeo that show the walk cycle etc.. plus also a new (very quickly made) puppet and it’s foul mouthed little ‘friend’.

Clara – Chapter One… from Lenny Carter on Vimeo.

There’s also a facebook fan page which you can join – I tend to update that more often than this blog… but will start to blog more – the dissertation/projects just got in the way!

Clara the Stop Motion Puppet Facebook Page