The Stitch… getting a website!

(not linked yet so click the image below to visit the page – it is early stages though!)

The Stitch Community Group West Norwood Logo

Tara who hosts the Stitch, has got the domain name, the blog has been started, links have started being added and there are posts but those have yet to be published.

This is a community group and it’s members are helping Tara set up the website, mailing lists and even setting up the sewing machines, materials and ideas so it really is a community.

RunnyCustard: The Open Works 'The Stitch' Oct 2014 &emdash; Hats at The Stitch
A ‘Stitchee’ who made this hat from an old jumper

I will update when it officially launches but feel free to visit the Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram

You can see more photos taken at the Stitch on their website (I have put some on there already as I’ve been the one taking them) or you can click the images on this page and you can see the whole gallery of images.


Each week ‘themes’ are set but people can just pop in with their own project to do instead or maybe learn crochet or knitting, sew a skirt, fix a hole in a favourite shirt etc – some upcycling projects have been done already and the plan is to do more – they are open to suggestions so leave a comment on their website.

Men are also welcome so ideas for projects for guys would be great – there is a pinterest board as well.

Dry Needle Felting

We had a go at dry needle felting and one of our members made this!! how cool is this Japanese character ūüôā

RunnyCustard: The Open Works 'The Stitch' Oct 2014 &emdash; Needle Felting at The Stitch & other creative projects.

I made this cat… he needs more stripes and I might make his bum bigger… he will be a doll for a cat doll ;-P

RunnyCustard: The Open Works 'The Stitch' Oct 2014 &emdash; Needle Felting at The Stitch & other creative projects.

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Rock Paper Scissors Artist Collective – version 2

I’ve mentioned that I am part of the Rock Paper Scissors group of Artist and Handmade crafters who are members of The Open Works and Makerhood Lambeth.

In November 2014 we started at L’Arche (next to St Luke’s Church in West Norwood) with 20 members selling their designs, artwork and craft items which went rather well.

This will continue in February with a few new people but the project has expanded and now there is a version 2!

RPS 2 is the James Wilson Cafe (name subject to change):

RunnyCustard: Rock Paper Scissors 2 at James Wilson Cafe Tulse Hill and RPS 2 (SE27) at James Wilson Cafe, Tulse Hill, London
RPS 2 (SE27) at James Wilson Cafe, Tulse Hill, London
There is a plan to rename the cafe (public vote or competition?) and redecorate as it still looks like a Letting Agents!
It is a community space for workshops, meetings, freelancers, lone home workers and more… so including local makers and artists helps the community support each other. (free Wifi!)

Some Suggestions made so far are:

  • Creative workshops
  • Exhibition
  • Event music etc
  • Saturday makers market
  • Holistic therapies

The Window Display in the window.
The makers are also helping with the workshops so go check out The Open Works website to find out more.
RPS 2 (SE27) at James Wilson Cafe, Tulse Hill, London

The Cafe also has a website:

Here’s a few more images – more handmade/artwork is to be added soon and an official ‘launch’ in a few weeks time – I will update with more information when I can! click on the slideshow to see them on my main website.

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Rock Paper Scissors Artist Makers Collective at L’Arche West Norwood

In collaboration with The Open Works and Makerhood 26 Artist/Makers are selling their work at L’Arche in West Norwood.

Rock paper Scissors - a maker collective.


L'Arche Handmade Gift Shop & Workshop for Locals in West London

L’ Arche own members create these fab candles which are for sale all year long – great for gifts and come in a range of sizes and colours.
Rock Paper Scissors at L'Arche in West Norwood

They also sell cards, ornaments and other handmade items in workshops for local people with or without learning disabilities.

The Open Works

It’s free to join which¬†I did just the other week ūüôā

THE OPEN WORKS IS A LAMBETH COUNCIL PROJECT – they work with locals on ideas, projects, workshops (check out their tradeschool which is free to attend!)

The Open Works icon
Local Residents collaborating to build a sustainable future. (click image to visit their page)

click the image above to visit their website which will tell you all about their projects (Update 2015 – a report of the project is now available)


I’ve mentioned Makerhood several times before – I’ve just noticed that their website has been updated so please go check it out – only ¬£25 for a years membership where you get the chance to attend lots of workshops, meet ups and support for your creative ideas. You don’t have to actually sell anything but maybe interested in turning your hobby or skills into a small side business or even go full time.

It does help to have others to talk to and just help you feel it’s a possibility rather than just a pipe dream!

Makerhood Lambeth - Artist, Makers Collective

Lots of Artwork, prints, illustration and stamps, wine cosies, b

The Shop

It’s a small shop that has a workshop attached and they sell prints, cards, candles, wine glass cosies, stamps, toys, cushions, jewellery, clothing, stationary, bags, and more so great for the up coming Christmas season – they will be featuring the work up to Christmas but may also go on to January 2015.


My work on the top shelf and a few on the others… prints, cards, mini framed prints, and cushion covers (linen mix & cotton versions)
My work on the top shelf (prints, cushion covers with other make

My jewellery & cushion (with pad) all hanging around on an antler!Some more of my work hanging around on some antlers!

Everyone loves the frog but it’s not for sale – it was hand dry needle felted with home spun fleece directly off a sheep… hand dyed too! The sale price would be huge for the amount of work involved.

People loved the frog but it's not for sale :-(

how cute is this little guy! (made by the same person who created the frog above)
Another little cute character is looking for a new home.

Making a Sale!!!

Making a sale! Most of the Artist/Makers will be behind the desk
The shop is open on different days until different times – I will post that info up when I get told the exact opening times – the Artist / Makers will be selling the work on different days as well.



I will also blog about Makerhoodies who are featuring at the lovely Diverse Gifts (including me!) on Coldhabour Lane again this Christmas – the launch in this Thursday 6th November and there is a 10% discount on Makerhoodies work that day.

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Makerhood Lambeth Group Members on Etsy

I am helping the Makerhood Lambeth group with a few things and one has been setting up an Etsy Team where we hope to promote each other and also help newbies to Etsy set up their shop.
I’m trying out the team page that Etsy captains can set up and I’ve created a list that shows the current members who have signed up to Etsy! (ergh… just realised why I prefer to self host blogs as the version wont allow embedding of etsy widgets!) – this is just a screen grab… click on it to visit the actual makerhood page!
Etsy makerhood Page for local Lambeth London creative makers and artists.
Etsy makerhood Page for local Lambeth London creative makers and artists.
If you are already a Makerhood member and you are interested in joining Etsy and setting up a shop then please join the team on Etsy and we will all help you find out more if you are new! I know the Makerhood Organisers are hoping to have a meet up soon for people who want to know more before signing up – we hope to set up teams who will go teach different stages of setting up… newbies, people who want to know more about tagging/descriptions and promotion etc… so keep an eye out for that newsletter!
If you are a creative maker, artist etc living in Lambeth, London then please check out Makerhood and it’s ¬£25 to join for the year and you get to go to lots of workshops for free and everyone helps to promote you via social media too.
I’ve been to several which have ranged from pricing of your work, social media, selling to shops and last Tuesday night we had a talk on ‘Dazzling Displays’ given by¬†Juliet Carr from Paperpoms UK¬†and Setbox.

Paperpoms you can see what past events they had listed here and also see what talks are coming up… Eventbrite¬†Makerhood Makerhood websitetoo! Its was a shame that Ellie Kidson is a Visual Retail Specialist and oversees training and development for the¬†Metamorphosis Group¬†was forced to cancel but she has promised to give a talk soon ūüôā Here’s some photos that I took for Makerhood.

uliet Carr from Paperpoms UK
Juliet Carr from Paperpoms UK

Makerhood Workshop "Dazzling Displays" at L'Arche, Norwood

Dazzling displays Juliet Carr from Paperpoms UK and Setbox gives a talk at L’Arche, Norwood High Street - 18 June 2014 -
COOKIES! … and lots of information!
Makerhood Workshop "Dazzling Displays" at L'Arche, Norwood
Q&A for Juliet!
Makerhood Workshop "Dazzling Displays" at L'Arche, Norwood
oooh, tools, paper and making stuff… love that bendy florist wire … I definitely need that… not sure what right now but I know I will have to buy some soon!