Richard’s Cousin…

I woke up an old facebook page which used to be called ‘RunnyCustard’s Fluffy Bits’ and I’ve now renamed as RunnyCustardMakes and posted some up to date photos of the creatures that I’ve made, including this guy who I called Richard. (the photo shows Richard (cream coloured) with Bob!)

handmade oddball characters with long noses!

I was promptly asked if I could make another ‘Richard’ character which I did – this version had arms and as I though I’d let the new owner name him, I decided to give him the moniker ‘Richard’s Cousin’ – well, they do look alike!

Richard's Cousin - handmade odd ball character with a big nose!

He went off on his travels last week with a friendly little chap to keep him company and they were snug in a handmade drawstring bag.

I started making a new website just to feature the craft side of things which I hope to list the creatures to sell via that platform or you can always use Etsy if you prefer that site!

Here’s another little critter that needs a home – he’s currently at the L’Arche shop in West Norwood but let me know if you would like him posted to you 🙂

furry cat with needle felted details - can also stand on his own!


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New creatures and a catch up…

My new creature ‘Iya’

‘Iya’ is a species monika rather than an individual name.


The Iya creature has been floating around my head for along time and is the imaginary friend of a stop motion puppet I made a few years back – the version in the stop motion (very short!) film didn’t look how I visualised it where as this version is a lot closer to my final idea – This version that is for sale is a prototype for the pattern that I’m making so I plan to make more but with several changes – this one should be the most unique and original version!

You can see my stop motion character: about Clara: The stop motion puppet who makes her own stop motion puppets at – there are two short films on the site as well as a gallery of images of how she was made.

This is a furry version of my ‘Cats in Pants’ – I’m so close to finishing the pattern – it’s annoying as it’s taking me ages to finish! gargh.


This is a furry mustache dude – he stands up if he uses his hands to balance 🙂

I made some posters of a few of the characters that can be downloaded and printed at home via my 2nd Ety shop (I’ve had several but it got too much to sort – now down to two!!)

Here’s the new Etsy shop…

my Photo Etsy shop can be seen in the sidebar of this blog – I’ve had wanted to start this new shop for ages but couldn’t decide if I had to make another website and blog just for making things but I really don’t want to just yet 🙂

Mini Needle Felted Kitten

I forgot to take more photos of this tiny needle felted kitten – it’s now living in Paris with my baby niece – I still have yet to finish the Cat doll and the kitten was suppose to be the Cat doll … er… doll. 🙂

Needle Felted Kitten

I’ve been helping out at The Stitch group and I also made a few items for them to sell at The Feast in West Norwood as a fund raiser – I hope to offer them as digital downloads as well – all to help the community group keep going and fulfil it’s future plans – you can find out about The Stitch here

The Stitch poster design four colour versions


I will be selling some of my work at a new Makers Market at The Hub (formally the James Wilson Coffee Shop) in Tulse Hill – it’s in its early stages but hopefully if people come it can grow bigger – so far there are several Rock Paper Scissors London group members who sell at L’Arche in West Norwood and at the Cafe itself but there are also others who sell Skin Care items, heart food and children’s clothing so please pop along if you can 🙂



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Making silly but loveable oddballs to cheer myself up!

I’ve not had much work for a few months and it’s all rather stressful so instead of trying to make overcomplicated (or at least beyond my current skill set – I plan to improve!) I decided to stop being fussy.

So I’ve made several simple but cute little guys – I’ve mentioned my ‘Cats in Pants’ in another post and this one used the same body pattern and tail.

If you comb with a small teasel brush that you fluff up the material (or wool if using crochet/knitting to make a toy) but be careful as you can get carried away = hole!!

The hairy dude at the bottom has only partial brushed fur which gave him a hair style and eyebrows 🙂

I’ve also added some needle felting to the little one’s face and spots on his tail… I just need a name for him.

plush toy handmade - sleepy furry small and cute Hairy Mustache Dude toy plush

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The Stitch testing my ‘Cats in Pants’ pattern…

On Saturdays I attend the Stitch group in West Norwood – L’Arche next to St Luke’s Church where the Feast is held once a month.

I asked the members if they would like to have a go at my pattern ‘Cats in Pants’ and several tried it out – as the following Saturday had a mixed up on dates we had to cancel so I yet to see everyone’s finished Kitten but here’s a few photos.

People used old clothing or new fabrics…

RunnyCustard: The Open Works 'The Stitch' Oct 2014 &emdash; The Stitch West Norwood


Rachel’s making of her little ‘Kitten in Bloomers’ 🙂

RunnyCustard: The Open Works 'The Stitch' Oct 2014 &emdash; The Stitch West Norwood


RunnyCustard: The Open Works 'The Stitch' Oct 2014 &emdash; The Stitch West Norwood


Rachel finished off the pants at home and sent me this photo… soooo cute!

This little sweetie gives a good example of how they look using buttons as eyes – just in case you don’t have any toy safety eyes lying around.

Rachel  'Cat in Pants' Jan 2015

Check out this stylish little fella… love the pocket and hankie.

The Stitch RunnyCustard HIRES -12

The Stitch RunnyCustard HIRES -13

The Stitch West Norwood

I do hope to finish the pattern soon – I keep changing my mind on different elements and I’m bursting to start on the Cat doll that I started in November!

Ps: here’s a photo of the Cat with his pants on his head… sorry, couldn’t help myself.
RunnyCustard: Puppets & Crafts &emdash; Cats in Pants - superpants!


 Beautiful old sewing machines…

Tara asked me to take a few photos of the old sewing machines for the blog she hopes to set up for the group… here’s a few that I rather like.
(click on the images to visit The Stitch photo gallery on my main website.
RunnyCustard: The Open Works 'The Stitch' Oct 2014 &emdash; The Stitch Sewing Machines

RunnyCustard: The Open Works 'The Stitch' Oct 2014 &emdash; The Stitch Sewing Machines

RunnyCustard: The Open Works 'The Stitch' Oct 2014 &emdash; The Stitch Sewing Machines

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wee critters…

I’ve just made some proto-type critters using Spoonflower… a company that prints your designs onto fabric.

I was trying to make a screen print Clara rag doll but I had some problems with exposing the screen and I don’t really have the room to try again so I though I’d give Spoonflower a try!

3 'Blipi's from one fabric set - spoonflower
3 'Blipi's from one fabric set - spoonflower

one set has a set of 4 ranging from tiny to large cushions and another set has 2 giant cushions (two colours) and once I’ve tested and tweaked the design (I’m not too happy with it at the moment) then I can either sell it from Spoonflower (the printed fabric but the buyer sews it themselves) or do it myself and sell via!

one giant 'Blipi' from Spoonflower Printed Fabric
one giant 'Blipi' from Spoonflower Printed Fabric
scarf up-cycled toy with Blipi's in the background
scarf up-cycled toy with Blipi's in the background

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A Girl, Monsters, and Psychology: via Owl Knit You

My friend Emily has posted about my critters a couple of times and it’s strange to hear from someone else’s perspective… some times it’s a little to clear and I guess I’d like not to be so flippin obvious! ;-P

A Girl, Monsters, and Psychology: Work by Lenny Carter One of my really good friends, Lenny, is doing a degree in Digital Media and in her interpretation of the assignments, she intelligently combines ‘analogue’ media with the digital. She combines arts and crafts and wool and resin into fully formed beings (human or otherwise) that express strong emotions and strong insights into the human condition. The combination of a huge personality into a small puppet and ameoba-like shapes give her works thei … Read More

via Owl Knit You


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