Ravelry strangeness…

A project set by Sithel on Ravelry (the online community of yarn artist!)

This is for the Silly String Group where one person creates either the top or bottom (or side/insides?) of a creature and then posts it off via Sithel to someone else who then completes the creature!

I’ve restarted it in the Rowan Bamboo tape as I really like the rather large and oddly shaped (sort of) pom pom that goes on the end – I’m hoping it will all blend well… plus I still have the clay mask part to do… you just can’t help coming up with the whole creature and then you want the other person to finish it with that in mind lol.

I’ve come up with several strange creatures for this project and I would love to start them all now! I was thinking of creating patterns for my Voodoo and Norbert creatures (see below) but as usual I’m avoiding anything difficult and going for the fun bit… hoorah (I usually get it the other way round!)

It looks like  a turnip!!!! I also don’t like the way that the stuffing can be seen through the stitches – I used a small hook in the attempt to avoid this… I am thinking of adding a small balaclava to the head (the Triples don’t like being recognised when out doors and they get cold due to bad circulation! ;-P) (Character traits do raise themselves when rationalising weird things!)

I made a plaster cast mold for the eyemask which will be made out of latex so that it curves around the head easily.

I’m actually wondering if I should make one of the other ideas and send that off to the group? I really would like to complete this one rather than hand it over to somebody else… I was thinking of using dry felt for the bodies and small metal rings for the necks.

It’s working name is Tribbles… they are like conjoined triplets (3 bodies, 1 head… sort of 3 eyes… but who knows as the mask could be just to confuse people!!).

update… not quite finished

what I've got so far... the top image is the wire being covered in wadding which is then stuffed into the curved part of the head - it will help hold the 'bend' in the ... er... thing on the head!
completed head with neck tubes - latex mask

This will be posted off to the person who will add a body or anything else they can think off – it will be interesting to see what I receive in return and the finished critter!

UPDATE: Sithel’s half and my completed half!

This is what I received in the post: Sithel’s segment that I will add to.

Sithel's half which was sent to me to finish into some kind of creature!

And this is what I did:

Previous Ravelry swop Projects:

Yellowjacket drew a couple of creatures (sketch in the middle of the below image and I then created the actual creature - 'Norbert' was then sent to YellowJacket)

The next swop with with a voodoo theme – we were partnered with someone else who was to let us know what power the doll was to have and then we send the finished item to them – Voodoo is not necessarily negative it depends on what you want the doll to do – this was for another Ravelry member, Aerulan, who wanted something to help her garden. So this doll will suck the negative elements that might destroy a garden. Unfortunately, I never received my voodoo doll which was to help my block on drawing 🙁 but I am in the process of re-making this one as I would like to sell the pattern via Ravelry!)

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