Making silly but loveable oddballs to cheer myself up!

I’ve not had much work for a few months and it’s all rather stressful so instead of trying to make overcomplicated (or at least beyond my current skill set – I plan to improve!) I decided to stop being fussy.

So I’ve made several simple but cute little guys – I’ve mentioned my ‘Cats in Pants’ in another post and this one used the same body pattern and tail.

If you comb with a small teasel brush that you fluff up the material (or wool if using crochet/knitting to make a toy) but be careful as you can get carried away = hole!!

The hairy dude at the bottom has only partial brushed fur which gave him a hair style and eyebrows 🙂

I’ve also added some needle felting to the little one’s face and spots on his tail… I just need a name for him.

plush toy handmade - sleepy furry small and cute Hairy Mustache Dude toy plush

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a few updates…

This blog has gone awry… sorry about that.

I have another blog which is to do with working for myself so I’m suppose to update that website/blog which I find hard enough but I’ve signed up to an online drawing/creative class so I will start to add my progress.


Before my Niece was born I came up with several ideas for things to make for her… many were beyond my skills as my imagination took hold! but I did come up with a little plush toy to make… here’s a sketch of the toy with a friend… who is very jealous of the balloon!

sketch of plush toy
sketch of plush toy

I made the one on the right for Sola. seen below the scary alien (that’s obviously not for Sola!)

'Lamb Carrots' plush toy
‘Lamb Carrots’ plush toy

below is a version re-created in Illustrator, which I’ve not used in years so proved to be a challenge – did help finding out that you can add multiple effects to one shape hoorah!

I couldn’t figure out a good way to create a fluffy coat though… oops.

'Lamb Carrots' illustration
‘Lamb Carrots’ illustration

I made Sola a Birthday Card for her first birthday – should have kept the background less fussy but I don’t think a one year old will mind too much!

'Lamb Carrots' illustration - Birthday Card for Sola
‘Lamb Carrots’ illustration – Birthday Card for Sola

Here’s Sola on her first birthday eating the “Lamb Carrot plush” – if you wonder why the name well my twin brother (Sola’s dad) came up with it and it’s now stuck.

She’s so stylish for a one year old!

'Lamb Carrots' plush toy being eaten by Sola
‘Lamb Carrots’ plush toy being eaten by Sola

I did make a rabbit toy for her too… I forgot to take pictures so here’s a mobile phone pic of the body and the completed version – next time I visit Sola (she lives in Paris and I in London!) I will have to get a picture of her with the rabbit – if it’s still in one piece and not eaten alive!!) lol

Bunny Plush body
Bunny Plush body
Bunny Plush toy for Sola
Bunny Plush toy for Sola – forgot to take a proper photo (iphone)

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Textures & limitations…

Interested in free stuff for photoshop…?

I’ve come across this site a few times and I do think it’s a treasure trove of fab free gifts!

He also creates his own Photographic Art and premium plugins/textures etc as well as give away a huge selection of free stuff.

I’ve only tried using textures briefly and would like to try some more soon.

Plus I do think it can help bring a digital illustration alive – I’ve seen some artist/illustrators use linen like textures and it really does give it life.

Nomu illustration
Nomu Illustration with linen texture

Nomu – shown above sells her work via her website and Etsy – click the image to go to her website. And this one to see her Etsy shop.

My little dilemma!

I do have another blog (well actually several!) but I do find it confusing keeping the subjects separate – it’s the rules apparently!!

I’m constantly told that I have to keep my photography work (and freelance work) on one website/blog and anything else has to go somewhere else. It means I don’t blog much at all – not that I’m use to blogging anyway.

Unfortunately, there are some people that think if you have an interest in a subject then you can only have that one subject… another would mean confusion and a diluted sense of ‘passion’… but I like all types of imagery… this includes textures (fabric/textiles), three dimensional objects and illustrations!

‘Clara’s Animated World’ blog

RunnyCustard: Clara Production Gallery &emdash;
Clara’s is a stop motion character that makes her own stop motion characters (I’ve only made a teaser and chapter one so far and I’d rather re-make chapter one as it could be a lot better). The self hosted website consist of a web page which shows a gallery of production/making off images), 2 stop motion shorts, link to two blogs (Clara has one too… well suppose to), about page and blog…  she includes clay, modelling, (the head/hands) textiles/sewing (clothing), knitting, camera work (stop motion!) , film (adding real images & stop motion stills together), sound (voices/effects), editing (final cut/after effects), storyboarding (storytelling/directing/illustrating), html coding (the website). I really liked playing around with all the different mediums – I did a mini resin class too which was fun. The blog (which started as self hosted but after getting a virus went back to the ‘free’ wordpress version) hasn’t had anything added for ages as the project is flippin difficult – I have however dismantled her ‘friend’, a creature that helps fuel her imagination… it now has a body but that’s all so far.


‘RunnyCustard’s Fluffy Bits’

My fluffy bits - etsy shop

I’m going off the name so I might change it at some point but it was suppose to be about textiles/crafting/illustrating which has gone by the wayside as I need to earn money to live off… I like so many different mediums it’s difficult to just pick one – how can I possible pick just one out of a world that has many!!?!?!?! why does it have to be just one?

Paint comes in a variety of mediums, so do pencils/pens/paper… in textiles there are fibres, needle felting (wet or dry), 3D, sculpture which uses clay, paper, pulp, fimo etc… the list is endless and even photography can be transferred to textiles, woods, different paper textures, film comes in an amazing variety even today with the so called ‘death throws to digital!!

I know having too many choices is difficult sometimes (don’t get me started on the cereal section of a supermarket – yeesh!) but most people who work for themselves are suppose to just pick one thing which they then brand themselves on.


I like exploring and feel that I’m being restricted to just one and I think that’s why I don’t create as much as I want too.

I’ve even started thinking about a new one…

“Sola Powa”

I want to create more for my baby niece (my mini muse?) rather than just the moody photography stuff – and her portraits that I take. I’ve made her several toys so far – one turned into a big project in my mind but never got further than the illustration and mini teddy (shown below – the cute one not the scary one at the back), which I’m currently battling  Illustrator with (I’ve not used it in ages and it’s frustrating as I automatically think of how I would do things in Photoshop!) and a small plush toy that I originally wanted as a stop motion puppet who goes to Sola’s house and asks if it can move in with her… she says yes and everyone is happy. (I never said I was original). But I don’t want it as a ‘baby’ blog and baby toys type site… again, I don’t want to be restricted down to one thing.

Teddy for Sola
Teddy for Sola (iphone pic) I don’t just want to make one type of style or medium… cute/scary, cool, bright etc
Batik "Golden Sun Flower" cushion - created from an old illustration I made years ago.
Batik “Golden Sun Flower” cushion – created from an old illustration I made years ago.
"cool blue" batik cushion
Batik “cool blue” cushion – created from an old illustration I made years ago.


Maybe I should just create one big blog and pretend to source in all these items of madness arty/craftiness that is curated together…

I think that would confuse me even more!

ps: this was written in a fit of insomnia but posted at a later date/day!


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wee critters…

I’ve just made some proto-type critters using Spoonflower… a company that prints your designs onto fabric.

I was trying to make a screen print Clara rag doll but I had some problems with exposing the screen and I don’t really have the room to try again so I though I’d give Spoonflower a try!

3 'Blipi's from one fabric set - spoonflower
3 'Blipi's from one fabric set - spoonflower

one set has a set of 4 ranging from tiny to large cushions and another set has 2 giant cushions (two colours) and once I’ve tested and tweaked the design (I’m not too happy with it at the moment) then I can either sell it from Spoonflower (the printed fabric but the buyer sews it themselves) or do it myself and sell via!

one giant 'Blipi' from Spoonflower Printed Fabric
one giant 'Blipi' from Spoonflower Printed Fabric
scarf up-cycled toy with Blipi's in the background
scarf up-cycled toy with Blipi's in the background

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