Two Great Events at L’Arche & RPS 12th December

Would you like to give your loved ones something special for Christmas, help your local charity, local makers AND have HUGE FUN?

Come visit L’Arche & RPS on Saturday in West Norwood as we have two events that you will love.

(Kids welcome!)


RPS are local Artists and makers who create one of a kind work which ranges from kids home decor, toys, jewellery, Art, Prints, Ceramics, Cards and don’t forget L’Arche handmade Christmas decoupage decorations, jewellery, wreaths and lots more – come see!


L’Arche Candle Making Workshop – includes Candle, Cake & Greeting Card

L'Arche Candle making Workshop 12th December


L’Arche are holding their 2nd, extremely popular candle making workshop.

It starts at 11 am and finishes at 4 pm – be prompt as the introduction will go through each step.
Candles also need time to cool down before the bottom is flattened.

£15 admission fee for 1 Candle, 1 Christmas Card & Cake.
The admission fee goes to the charity.

Please RSVP:

click the image below to see more photographs of the first Candle Making Workshop at L’Arche.

Candle Wax - looks like sweets!

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L’Arche Candle Making Workshop in West Norwood

Fab Candles at L’Arche Craft Workshop

The Candle making workshop at L’Arche in West Norwood was a great success – lots of people came and another workshop is being planned!

Some people asked if it was every weekend!

Here are some photos of the day – lots of lovely candles and a few ice candles were made too (the round ones with ‘holes’ in them which are beautiful) – the workshop was suppose to last a couple of hours but it went on all day – some people had to go back in order to finish the candles.

Another workshop will happen possibly the last week of November but we will post up information soon. (see below for L’Arche social media links and for Rock Paper Scissors & The Stitch who will be posting when it will be)

L'Arche London UK Candle Making Workshop

L’Arche London UK Twitter

L’Arche London UK Facebook page

Rock Paper Scissors London Facebook page

RockPaperScissor’s London Twitter

The Stitch (craft workshop who use the L’Arche craftwork shops on Saturdays)

The Stitch Facebook Page

Szilvia makes a candle…

… and makes her mother proud 😀

Szilvia of ‘Fitness with Szilvia‘ and ‘Szilvia’s Pets‘ making her candle – a lot of people put colours in the wrong way around – the candle is made upside down – Szilvia’s colour scheme is based on a flame which is appropriate! – click the links to visit her facebook pages. (She has yet to decide on the name of her fitness business so the page is currently ‘Szilvia’s Fitness’ – I personally like the first version 😉

Szilvia from 'Fitness with Szilvia' step by step guide to candle making!


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Gabriela Sulzman & Grand Designs Live May 2015

I got to visit The Grand Designs Live Show at The Excel Centre in London when Gabriela Sulzman gave me a ticket – I’ve met Gabriela a few times as she works closely with Makerhood.

Gabriela ran a workshop giving an introduction to a type of upcycling for the Salvage Workshop who were part of the Remade in Britian online Marketplace.

Grand Designs Live will be working with Remade in Britain who are a dedicated online marketplace, bringing together upcyclers and vintage sellers across the UK. Remade in Britain have created an exciting retail site providing unique items that have been upcycled or recycled in Britain, other products include reloved vintage, antique and retro products.

Remade in Britain are on a mission to reduce landfill and promote sustainability. Offering the nation a fabulous selection of unique, green and ethical solutions, and simultaneously providing a great platform and online community for small businesses, upcyclers and makers.

Many of Remade in Britain’s talented retailers will be at the Salvage Feature throughout the show, as well as a many more of the UK’s best upcyclers.

Natasha Cargill, Wilf Meynell and Kevin McCloud

Natasha Cargill, Wilf Meynell and Kevin McCloud at Grand Designs Live, ExCeL 2 - 10 May 2015. Channel 4 TV series

Gabriela’s starts introduction materials used in her workshop

Gabriela Szulman gives a practical demonstration of the different ways of using the Decoupage technique on an item.

A Selection of Gabriela’s Artwork which is also showing at The Dulwich Open Studios this weekend

Gabriela Szulman gives a practical demonstration of the different ways of using the Decoupage technique on an item.

The Art Dolls in the two images above show Alma, Dolores, Florence, Evelyn and a few others who are moving to West Dulwich for the weekend! It’s only a temporary residence though, as they are hoping to be taken home by people who fall in love with them…
Come and meet the girl gang at 14 Ildersly Grove, London SE21 8EU this Sat & sun 11 am-6pm. Artists’ Open House, Dulwich Festival

Decoupaged Boots and Shoes!

Gabriela Szulman gives a practical demonstration of the different ways of using the Decoupage technique on an item.

I love the boots – I tried painting a pair of victorian style boots about 20 years ago and the pain fell off within minutes so I never thought that decoupaging boots would be possible!!

I will be going to the Open House on Saturday afternoon after The Stitch session in West Norwood – so many exhibitions to see – I’ve had to cancel a few as they clash and I will going to Bust London Craftacular next week – I’ve booked a screen printing session as well.

After the show and buying giant stickers of Frozen for my 3 year old niece – and some rather lovely cheese I had a walk around the area as it had been awhile since I’ve last visited.

Lots more photographs but these are a couple that I’ve edited so far.
RunnyCustard: All Photographic Art &emdash; A water skier speeds past The Royal Victoria Dock Bridge

RunnyCustard: All Photographic Art &emdash; A water skier speeds past The Royal Victoria Dock Bridge

The Open Works “The Stitch” Launch

The Open Works

The Open Works kicked off their festival this weekend and I visited the launch of “The Stitch’ which was held at the L’ Arche Workshop (and shop) in which is on the Norwood High Street.
The Open Works believe that citizen’s imaginative ideas are the starting point.

The Open Works Festival - The Stitch Launch at L'Arche Norwood

I’ve got to hear about The Open Works from the Makerhood Organisation as they are joining forces for local people to sell their work through a pop up shop in time for Christmas and makers from both groups will feature – including me I hope 🙂
They have lots of projects… visit their project page here
I would love to sew more and be able to learn tips from others and also share what I know too so to have something like this to go to seems fantastic – either courses are either too expensive or they are months away or I’ve just managed to miss signing up.

The Open Works Festival - The Stitch Launch at L'Arche Norwood

They also do a trade school where you can pop in and learn simple french, knitting, how to make a killer cappuccino and lots more… visit
(it gets refreshed so sometimes lots of classes and other times they have yet to add new ones so sign up to their newsletter to keep in touch.
Sign up for more information or view their other workshops & meetups via their website:

The Stitch

Saturday 25th Oct 2014 was the start of their open day and these images are from ‘The Stitch’ launch day at L’ Arche in Norwood.
“The Stitch is a regular meet up of people who want to knit, sew, tailor, upholster and craft together. A chance to share and learn skills, swap tips and get inspiration for your next creation. Bring your projects, learn the basics, improve your techniques and enjoy stitching in the company of others.


Hosted by L’Arche Craft Workshop: 11-13 Norwood High Street

They will start with two dates and they will be trying to gauge the interest and best times/days to host it on – drop in between 5.30 – 8.30 on the 5th November & 25th November as it will be every two weeks at first.
I’m sure if many people turn up then more dates will be added and maybe every week too 🙂
I took some photos from the launch day and you can visit the album here – you can also see the ‘share’ button to link them onto your blog/social media websites.

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Making Uncovered – Brixton 2014

Making Uncovered – Brixton 2014 launches Brixton Design Week

Makerhood’s “Making Uncovered” are the opening event of the Design Week Brixton, part of the London Design Festival. There’s lots more on offer! Have a look at the website to see what’s on.
RunnyCustard: Making Uncovered 2014 &emdash; Six Brixton - wave to the evening sun!

There are interviews with the Artisans on the Makerhood blog
RunnyCustard: Making Uncovered 2014 &emdash; Furniture maker Ben Willis
Here are a few photos from the day (I went towards the end of the day so please check out Makerhood’s website for more information)
RunnyCustard: Making Uncovered 2014 &emdash; Rachel Stanners of Prickle Press

RunnyCustard: Making Uncovered 2014 &emdash; Beth Mander of Handmade Palace - clay pots or tiles workshop

I would love to try most of these specialties! Love printing of all types, photographic techniques, woodworking and clay too… sigh




The event was sponsored by




Brixton Design District

Thought Menu

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Pikaland… making ‘my’ mark!

I completed a BA Hons degree 2 years ago and then spent some time unemployed but finally got work freelancing (for my old company) which means anything creative/craft work that I wanted to work on went out of the window… stress doesn’t help in the process of experimenting and creating new work.

So I signed up to a Pikaland online workshop

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 18.54.53

Pikaland Artist Bootcamp: Making Your Mark

by Amy Ng & Jamie Shelman

It’s a 6 week bootcamp to help illustrators, drawers and creative types ‘make their mark’… I have ideas I just find it difficult to get them out of my head AND not to think they are rubbish as soon as I have… anything I made or created as a child was destroyed by my mother and other siblings… crawl critique and total dismissal of ideas and experimentations is not particularly helpful so I tend to get myself in a total pickle.

The BA Degree did help as I had to complete work for deadlines so I had to finish my ideas weather I liked them or not – but it did mean not talking myself out of an idea or quitting or throwing it away – I think having others waiting on you and helping with kind comments also helps – to accept what you do weather it’s great or not is very helpful. I think everyone wants that yet do the opposite to others… weird!

Assignment one

composition/lighting/colours etc and to take a photo of nature – I’m fine with that as I work as a photographer but finding nature that wasn’t wilted and dead (which is fine for the assignment but after everyone going on about the lack of sun at the start of the British Summer Time must have played on my mind.

Spring Buds
Spring Buds in a South London Park.
Summer Bells and mini trees :-)
you can buy prints here!
Plant frills
warm bokah

Blossoming Buds

I rather liked the 3rd image so created an illustration in illustrator… it didn’t go well as I got bogged down in trying to create the circles on a line path… basically it’s a way to procrastinate as I didn’t plan what I wanted the image to look like at the end… oh well… it’s better to create something than not bother at all… trust me I know that well!

Illo Mini Forest 2

But I have to say that I prefer these images more… I know they are black and white (my favorite) but I want to try a few things with these images… the trees look like feathers… and the large tree top when flipped on its self becomes an island… I’ll post those up if I actually get around to doing it.

They are effects that have been done before but everything has been done before… BUT not by me (can’t remember who says that but it’s very apt!)

A Trio of Trees - feathers
prints are available – click the image to go to the gallery where you can choose your size and other options.
A Mountain of Trees
Love the shape of this and that the tips are darker too 🙂


ps: I sell prints so let me know if you like any of my images!