The Artist’s Survival Kit printable by Keri Smith…

Keri Smith’s Artist Survival Kit might come in handy for those ‘off’ days… or skint days… or … general uuuurrrgghghghghgh what the hell am I doing days…

Keri has made some print outs to cut out and pick out when you feel like you suck at illustration… or working for yourself and feel dejected!

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The Artist's Survival Kit by Keri Smith

The Artist's Survival Kit by Keri Smith



hahaha… I just realised that I have Keri’s book ‘Guerilla Art Kit’, which I got from the Tate Modern book shop… I have to avoid the Tate Modern because of their shop… too flippin dangerous as I want to absorb all the designs, art and techniques and fun stuff too 😀

I’m reading her “How I Discovered my Secret Powers” article and I wish I had the space to explore like that… I, unfortunately, had a rubbish education where you weren’t allowed to speak (went to lots of schools) my family tore/ripped/insulted anything I created, other school kids ruined my artwork and hand made items… no legal guardian to sign college paperwork so ended up in ‘training’ jobs where you train up the people who get the proper wage (??!?!?!), oh and if you are a teenager all employers can rip you off because they assume you have parents or live at home… I had neither 🙁

many years later I feel that I’m going back to that stage where I should have been but now have the baggage of all those years of doing long hours, great work (why would they give me all the urgent work, train others up and lose contracts when I left… if I was so crap and paid me less that other people?) distracting me and making me feel terrible… I’m older now and London renting is stupidly expensive. (don’t tell me to move unless you know there’s a job there, paying the deposit and moving fees and it’s somewhere actually nice rather than just randomly picking somewhere that is dead in spirit and I have no reason to be there except to get a slightly larger room for the same money??!??!?!) I’M TRYING TO KEEP HOPE ALIVE PEOPLE!!!! (I also do love London… it’s a love/hate thing… it’s actually selfish people that ruin things and that applies to everywhere!!)

I don’t need much except rent, food and book money… and the occasional vet fees for my agoraphobic ex-stray cat so I would rather do something interesting and lots of different things… I have to keep my photography separate from this blog which is downright annoying… I’ve had to do everything myself in life and then look after others (why do people who have family need even more babysitters to do everything for them when I don’t?!??! ok, I do know the answer and I’m going to start filtering out spoilt brats who can’t do anything themselves and then insult the people who are capable!)… doing everything myself and trying to do the ‘right thing’ has meant I follow all the rules and more… total conformist… I do wear mostly black … but that’s it… oh, I do have a little red dragon (nothing to do with Welsh Rugby either!!!) tattoo on my ankle which no one ever seas and I keep forgetting about (took me 15 years of considering a tattoo as I’ve known too many idiots who got one because their (temporary) friend got one… eh?!) and I did have a pierced lip, nose and tongue (tongue stud didn’t last long as I discovered I am allergic to apples and it made my tongue/throat swell up, and I’m super practical so I took it out just in case!)

anyway… I’m off to do practical stuff and nothing fun ‘cos I’m an idiot.

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