Todays experiments instead of doing my Tax…

ok… I’ve done most of my finance tax sheet for last tax year but have yet to submit it online… I do prefer to get it over with but yet I’m still procrastinating and playing with patterns in Illustrator – I have yet to do more on the underwater theme project… it’s started and sat on an Illustrator art board so getting there slowly.

I’m also doing the Creativebug’s…


CreativeBug Building a Creative Brand

How many online courses can I sign up to????

I have too many ideas and add in nervousness and my amazing procrastination/avoidance skills which all equals a huge amount of faffing… I’m becoming an expert in faffing! gosh now there’s something I wanted to achieve!!

I want to do something more focused – it doesn’t help that I don’t want to leave my photography behind and trying to have a brand that has two very different styles makes it awkward to bring together.


anyway… back to today’s ‘play with doodles’ motif and pattern making.

Wavy Lined Petals experiments
Wavy Lined Petals experiments
Wavy Motif Experiments
Wavy Motif Experiments

now back to stuff I’m suppose to be doing 🙂

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