Two Cloth Dolls now at L’Arche West Norwood

I’ve made two traditional cloth dolls that have arms that move and hair accessories that are wearable as they have a brooch fitting on the backs.



RunnyCustardMakes Cloth Dolls 041015 002 RunnyCustardMakes Cloth Dolls 041015 001

The dark haired girl is made with a linen mix – 50% Linen 50% cotton – for the body and the other is a soft cream Calico Cotton.

Their hair is Merino roving wool that is needle felted into hair buns.

Their clothing is 100% cotton with lace trim – the pantaloons are removable but the dress isn’t as it was my first go and I need to tweak my pattern – the next doll that I make will have a removal dress.

They are now at L’Arche in West Norwood, London and currently priced at £18.

I would like the next version to have small bags 🙂


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