Weaving in the New Year…

what with all the hassles of travelling anywhere over the Christmas period and feeling a little I found myself making my own weaving frame! (not something I ever thought would happen on such a night!)

Frame Loom - first try

Maybe it was in response of trying to re-do my website and spending a stupid amount of time tweaking codes that I don’t really understand… sometimes sitting at a computer for hours sends you doolally and a nice play with some yarn/latex makes things more balanced!

I know several programers and coders who create crafts in their spare time… think its to do with digital items never really exist .. you can’t hold them and see from different angles where you can with cloth and craft items.

Anyway… I spent the time glueing some wood that was left over from making Clara’s stage and then added some nails at 4am (there as a party going on downstairs and the neighbours were out so I didn’t disturb anyone) and then warped it up and tried it out.

I think I would like to make a rigid heddle at some point – it’s easy to pass the shuttle (the bit with the yarn wrapped around it.. like a huge needle!) from right to left but going the other way is a slight pain but maybe I just need more practice.

The above image on the right shows the shuttle going under one side of the heddle – I have two heddles… one is a long stick that you just flip onto it’s side and that lifts all the even warps (strings) up so the shuttle passes underneath… the black yarn is holding the odd warps so when you lift those you can pass the shuttle from the left to the right but it’s not as easy as the rigid heddle (stick) version… it’s possible to make rigid heddles so when I get time I’ll give it a try.

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I had wanted to create a haphazard mesh style a little like Erin Curry (click on image to visit her rather gorgeous blog!) but I’m pretty sure the threads need to be ‘locked’ in place somehow so until I find out how to do that or at least have more time to experiment… maybe wrapping threads (thick/thin) around the warp threads which would create little windows of their own I’ll continue with a simple flat weave.

This is all I’ve done so far:

Weaving Frame Loom

I found a four shaft table top weaving loom a few weeks back but it’s a little scary to warp up when you don’t know what you are doing… but since playing with the frame loom and also the peg loom that I’d made just before Christmas it doesn’t seem so daunting… but my dissertation and other projects will need to be worked on before I can give it a try… here’s some images of my peg loom (it wont win any prices for neatness but it’s meant as a tool rather than an ornament!) it also has two sizes of pegs.. I can also take the pegs out and use them to ‘stick weave’ which just means you can hold 4 or 5 sticks in your hand and weave in bed ;-P

I’ve recently got my friend ‘hooked’ and she wants the base and more pegs which I’ve nearly finished… I just need to cut the wood base a little more to make it thinner which will be easier to use she wants to weave in front of her TV – she did take up crochet but has problems with her wrist so I thought peg/stick weaving would cause less stress… but the spead at which she weaves I’m sure she’ll damage herself again! (she’s made about four huuuuuge long scarfs in the space of a week!!)

home-made peg loom & scarf

Stick weaving scarfs

Stick weaving scarfs

Stick weaving scarfs
close up of felted peg loom scarf... this actually looked better before felting - might have to buy some more of this yarn... so soft!!

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